Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nauseous from the pain

I keep saying that I will write an entry when I'm not in so much pain so that I don't just whinge on about being in pain ad nauseum.

However, a weekend passed and despite having fun, most of the time I was in so much pain I was actually nauseous. There is nothing else the specialist can do for me, I have to stay off of my feet, take tylenol and wait. I teach 6 year olds. There is only so much I can do from my chair.

Tomorrow I will endeavor to write as soon as the tylenol kicks in and tell you about what's been going on in my life lately. In the mean time, Anne Bronte and I have a date. I'm on a serious Bronte kick lately. I've officially read everything Charlotte wrote, most of Emily and now onto Anne. Every time I pick up her book I end up looking up 50 pages later going OMG amazing! It is a nice distraction from the pain in any case.

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Chris said...

If there's any book coming out here in the states that you cant get a handle on dont hesitate to ask me to go and get it for ya. No problem, really. As a formally *knockonwood* injury ridden guy distractions from pain are essential to recovery.