Wednesday, November 5, 2008

OBAMA WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some day soon I will take the time to tell you about how I was bounced around by Dell again but for now all I can think about are the elections.

From the moment I woke up I turned on my television and watched the news--in Korean trying desperately to figure out what was going on. When I got to school R. (the other American teacher) and I kept dashing to the computer and refreshing the CNN page to see how the votes were going. During my second class after lunch with 5 six year olds (5 Korean age) R. came into the class and said: "I'm sorry to interrupt," which is fairly normal, there are only 2 pencil sharpeners so we are always barging in on each others' classes but when I said "it's ok" and started looking for the pencil sharpener I realized his face was lit up and he declared "Obama was just elected president." I literally jumped into the air and yelled 'oh my god!' And then jumped some more.

I couldn't explain to the 5 year olds what was happening since their English is extremely basic (and they didn't recognize the name of the Korean president either) but they were happy with me anyways since the rest of the lesson was taught with lots of cheerful bouncing and exuberance. The second kindergarten classes were over R. rushed into my class and we watched Obama's acceptance speech live on CNN (his cellphone is super high tech and Korean and he can get American TV on it---his Korean girlfriend helped him get it). We were both teary eyed while listening to the speech. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever heard and in that moment, with shivers running down my body and tears welling in my eyes, I'd never been prouder to be an American.

I will sorely regret the jumping in an hour when the adrenaline levels in my body go back to normal and I can feel the pain in my ankles again but for now I shall continue to smile at the world.

Time for elementary school classes. I just had to vent my happiness somewhere since the Koreans don't quite understand just how exciting it is.


Chris said...

It's a good day for America, I believe. I'm really glad you got to experience it :).

miss miss said...

I just came across your blog, as you left a comment on the "One Minute Writer" blog...Anyway, I loved reading about your voting day so far from home! I loved thinking about where we all were when we found out and what we were all doing...I keep saying the same thing over and over to my firends and family, "I've never in my whole life been proud to be an American until now"! What changes are on the horizon, what hope, what incredible sincerity in his words and voice...AND he mentioned all sorts of minorities in his speech! WHO has ever done that before!? I don tthink the other guy would have...Wow. Wow. Wow. Thanks for writing about it. Tears come to my eyes every time I think of the weight of this newness--so sorely needed...

Alex said...

Thanks miss miss!

Nancy K said...

what really struck me about election night was the difference in the audiences of the two candidates. McCain is the past with his lily white supporters, Obama the future with his multicultural supporters. 40% of the people in this country are non white. To a better future!