Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Denial and Confrontation

Yesterday, my throat was unbelievably sore. Denial: Telling myself it was my vocal chords. Today I woke up without a voice. Denial: Telling myself that I'm not sick! Getting to work and realizing I really need some sudafed and am shivering in the ridiculously overheated classrooms---confrontation. I am sick again. I have been washing my hands compulsively, taking my vitamins, getting lots of sleep and eating well. Well, trying to eat well in any case. Oh petri dishes. How you TORMENT ME.

On the up and up though I climbed yesterday, BEFORE I felt sick and it was fantastic. Even though I can still only climb for an hour or so it was amazing. Last time was fun but frustrating, it was like my body wouldn't listen to my brain. My feet kept getting tripped up, I was moving my body awkwardly, forgetting the easiest technique to make things easier. Last night, I did the 40 move bouldering problem perfectly the first go, something that took me the entire hour to get right last time. Then I worked on a harder route and once a climber nearby showed me (reminded/showed, same thing eh?) how to balance and throw my weight differently to go for a high hold I got that route too! Now I'm working on something the next level up which I want to try at the beginning of the night when I'm fresh next week. Climbing talk is boring for non climbers but the point is that I was ecstatic. I left the gym happy and I woke up happy albeit in denial about being sick. My ankle is tender today but Not as tender as it was last week after climbing so I'm definitely making progress. Next month I'm going to go twice a week and see how that goes. For now, I'm taking it easy and trying to get better. I see noodle soup in my dinner future.

I took pictures of the gym but honestly I'm feeling to yucky to be bothered to upload them. Unfortunately, I didn't remember that I'd brought my camera with me until after I had finished climbing so there are no pictures of me anyways. I think I'll just wait until next week when there are photos of me And the gym.


Nancy K said...

Poor Alex! I am so sorry that you are sick again. How can you teach without a voice? I've lost count on the number of colds you've had this year.
At least you got to climb this week. Well, I guess I won't call you for a few days. Get well.

Jessica said...

Aw, yucky. I just got over my cold. I hope you feel better! Can't wait to see pictures of the gym but its more important you feel not sick. I agree with your mom about at least getting to climb.
p.s. if any of my words are missing "k"s it is cause the k key is sticking. (I try and go back and fix em but just so you know)

Alex said...

I do believe once a month since I've been here and twice a month either in September or October.

Mom: I got my voice back after some hot tea and coffee but at least it was a low level talking day because it was the last day of school for the kindies.

CLIMBING IS THE BEST THING EVER. Jess btw, congrats on that comp! What level were you bouldering for it?

Chris J said...

I know this is (again) totally not helpful, but it sounds like to me you just need some good hard rest. I know thats not "fun" but sometimes you just need to take care of yourself.

Rachel said...

Alex, I am so sorry to hear about all your illnesses. When Adam was in 9th grade he was sick every month and missed a lot of school -- then we got his tonsils out and since then very rarely gets sick. Sounds like you need some TLC and chicken soup and maybe a doctor.

I am so glad that you got to climb again. Sounds like that is what "centers" you.