Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Germs, germs, germs

For the past several mornings there has been a routine: wake up, despair at feeling so congested, drag self into steamy shower, make coffee, pull coffee into bed with me, sneeze or cough violently before I can put said coffee down---proceed to spill coffee all over self/sheets/bed, despair at the waste of coffee, finish what's left, get dressed for work. This morning was no different except that in my inbox my Dad had linked me to a recent NYTs article.
For those of you who just want the basics: basically, I'm screwed at avoiding getting sick. No amount of vitamin C is going to help someone who comes into this much direct contact with the little petri dishes I teach all day long.
*fantasizes about a sterile workplace with lovely white suits*

On the positive side:
-I have a new job for September when my current contract is up in which I will be working substantially shorter hours for substantially greater pay. I am a fan.
-The coffee that is left in my cup is still yummy.
-It is Wednesday and I have shortened morning classes because of GYM CLASS. The best class of all for little kids. Burn that hyperactive energy! Go! The kids love it. I love it. I wish they had gym class three times a week. If they had an English speaking gym teacher it would be easier to market to the parents...
-I discovered possibility C. for next up on my reading list: Cat's Cradle my Kurt Vonnegut, stolen from a fellow expat bibliophile. Much more what I'm in the mood for and better suited for reading in short spurts like I tend to do lately.
-I have lots of clean laundry and can devote my weekend to trying to get the coffee out of my sheets!

...I'm scraping bottom here. My sinuses concur. I fantasize about the weekend. Lots of sleeping in and steamy, sinus clearing showers. Mmmmm.


Josh said...

If you want something that will give you sinus relief (without being nasty and/or addictive) you should try saline spray. my doctor recommended it to me..... pure saline only.

and Cat's Cradle is a wonderful book

Chris J said...

I loved Cat's Cradle.

...oh and I've met Vonnegut :P. He is that weird in person.

p.s. I have the flu. I got a shot and EVERYTHING and still got it. -headdesk-

Jessica said...

It seems that nobody is safe from being sick right now. I have friends in different states and countries, all of whom have a yucky cold/the flu. I hope you start feeling better soon. I told Rob I would wait to post this on Facebook until we have the full clip but if you want to seem me take a whipper, go to the link provided:

Alex said...

Chris: You met Vonnegut?!!!!!!!!! I am completely jealous. Did I mention completely??? How/when/where/why???

Josh: I'd have to find someone to go to the pharmacy with me to find such saline solution. Actually, I do have a translator on my cell phone...I'll try to make myself understood after work today.

Jess: I can't watch the video from work! But I can't wait to watch when I get home. I'm so jealous. OF YOUR FALL.

Brent said...

You may think you have it bad but my new roommate's friend Rebecca actually does work with little petri dishes full of infectious diseases at NYU's lab - however, she does get to work in nice sterile white coat!

Alex said...

Do you have any idea how jealous I am of Rebecca's lab coat, and nice sterile environment? 'Cause I am. A lot.