Sunday, February 15, 2009

A less than spectacular beginning...

Mondays are always a little terrible. It's just the fact that you have a long 5 days before you can feel properly rested or relaxed that really weighs in. Once I have a cup of coffee I don't feel so desperate about it but before Bernie* and I have our date, facing the week seems terrible.

*Bernie is my coffee pot.

Today, I somehow managed to spill 1/3 of of my cup of coffee. And not just spill it. I knocked it against Something, I have no idea what, and managed to get coffee on nearly everything in my apartment. My TV, my fridge, the floor, clean clothing, the clothing I was wearing, a stack of bank papers I hadn't filed was a disaster. All of this 10 minutes before I had to leave for work. I managed to clean it up, brush my teeth and finish getting ready in time. I went to button my snazzy new jacket and 'POP' went the button and off it came. It isn't broken, just needs to be sewn back on. My sewing kit is actually loaned out at the moment to someone else with the very same problem. I think I will actually need to claim it back since I didn't realize how grubby my green coat looked until I put it on after having on my fashionable new black jacket.

Despite all of this, I'm managing to have a good morning. Something about being greeted with hugs, smiles, and cheery hellos and 'how are you's really makes your day. I only made one kid cry so far today and it's looking like a good day. I love my kids, and that's what makes my long week worthwhile. (He didn't follow directions, at all, despite clear verbal and visual demonstration. I ripped up his paper and gave him a new one to try again. I also explained it again for him slowly and carefully. Didn't stop the tears. Oh, well.)

Benjamin Button was fantastic. I recommend seeing it immediately! I can't say much about it without being to spoilery so I'll try to think of a way to review it without giving the entire plot away today and get back to you later. Onwards Monday! Do your worst!

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