Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Obviously, I'm evil.

So, last week I spent the entire week waiting to post until I stole Salsa Boy's memory card so I can steal the pics we took from the touristy spot we hit on Sunday. No such luck. So, no pictures for the moment. This past weekend I went to an amazing Buddhist art museum in Insadong that I found on a fluke. I was trying to take a friend to Insadong-gil, a fun kind of touristy street and we saw a sign for it. Why not? It sounded good. Two smallish floors and admission was only 10,000 ($7.07) for two people. Weirdly enough, it was completely empty. We were the only people in there for the entire 40 minutes we spent admiring the art. The lady who ran it gave us two free post cards at the end! The only disappointing thing was that all of the background information signs weren't translated into English, only about half of them. While they were interesting and choc full of historical/religious background they didn't really provide a stylistic commentary. And, not knowing anything about Korean Buddhist art trends, I would have really enjoyed reading about that. It was really interesting to see works, contemporaneous to the 19th century European art I studied in Paris, that were so completely different. Not just in terms of the subject matter but in terms of composition, perspective, use of color and medium. It was just a very concrete way of observing how very isolated Korea was during that time period, especially in terms of cultural exchange.

The past few nights I've played a lot of pool at Psycho. I am determined to suck a little less. Also, my ankles are really bugging me. I should really consider acupuncture, or so my Korean friends tell me. It costs about 5,000won for a session with health insurance. I'm just not so into the idea of having lots of needles stuck in me, even for pain relief. In the mean time I'm back to killing time in the evening. Reading a lot though. I still haven't finished Marquez because it got depressing and I needed a break from that 200 pages into it so I'm reading a more theoretical book on the fallacy of current urban and black culture analysis called 'Yo Mama's Dysfunctional' and it's FANTASTIC. I think the author is Robin Kelley but I don't' have it in front of me at the moment.

Time to catch up on e-mail, something else I'm woefully behind on. It's just that I normally do this during a break at work but lately I've spent about 2 hours a day doing ridiculous amounts of lesson prep (in terms of making worksheets and such) and writing evaluations. Evaluations are evil.

Dear Parent,
This is what we did this month. Your kid is great.

That is the general gist of them. You have to think of very creative ways to tell them nicely that there kid is still fabulous BUT they have a teensy problem with X and could you please help them out at home. I will update again soon! Promise.


Josh said...

Sorry your ankles are bugging you again..... Looking forward to more postings!!!!

Rachel said...

Thanks Alex for posting again. I was going cold turkey with nothing to read from you! It is kind of like reading a novel, and being given only one chapter at a time to read. And having someone else control when you get the next chapter when you are hungry to read more. (PS, one of Adam's English classes did that with a Charles Dickens Novel). Take Care and thanks.

Nancy K said...

Definitely try the acupuncture. You don't even feel the needles. Ilene S. found that it helped her ankle pain after surgery.
I do like it when you post more.

Jessica said...

Rob wants to do acupuncture. At this point if its inexpensive and partly covered by insurance I kind say why not. Oh and there is a BCL Showdown at the gym on April 3rd. I'll let you know how it goes (its like the comp I went to a bit ago). I hope either way that the ankles start feeling better!

Josh said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that yes you are evil! (I think it might be genetic or something) muahahahhah!!!

(I also agree with aunt Rachel.... you aren't allowed to go so long w/out posting again.... we're all hooked)