Saturday, April 4, 2009

Getting my feet nibbled

There seems to be an aquatic theme in my life lately. Last weekend I went diving with sharks (and fish) and last night I had my feet nibbled by fish. Once you get over the tickling sensation it's quite nice. Of course, for the first 30 minutes I twitched violently every time they started to nibble because my god, am I ticklish. Especially when they were munching away at the arch of my foot. It was fun to sit around a pool of fish with 10 girls, sipping beer, gossiping and getting our feet eaten by fish. Apparently, doctor fish (what the experience is called) is catching on in the States. The price: around $75. Here, the price is the cost of one drink. Admittedly, 5,000 for a beer (about $3) is overpriced by regular bar standards but it was worth it. In fact, I had 2 at that price. There are pictures, and I wish I could post them with the blog entry but alas, I'm at the whims of my friend's cameras. I think I want to just buy a new camera but it's not in the budget for this month, what with going to Cebu and all. So far on the itinerary: going to one of the big markets (yes, watch your bag closely) and snorkeling (thus continuing the aquatic theme). The only thing I don't like about big groups is that inevitably, at some point, the conversation turns toward television or movies, something that everyone, presumably, will have an opinion on. Last night it was Gray's Anatomy. Thankfully, I have seen a few episodes and could comment a little but for the most part I was bored and wished that someone had brought up something about books. This is my never ending quest to find like minded literary people. At the moment, I'm hopelessly tangled in the middle of several books that I've been working on for awhile and getting distracted by other books. I currently have about 8 books unread in my room that are also clattering for attention. The fact that I have a 100,000 won gift certificate to What the Book burning a hole in my pocket is not helping matters. I might head up to Itaewon tomorrow and buy an unseemly number of Vonnegut novels. Also, a better teach yourself Korean book because mine are terrible. Or at least, they are terrible for my style of learning.

This entry is hopelessly rambling. I just reread it to see if I could untangle it into more sequential paragraphs but I would just have to rewrite it. I give up, I want to go out to dinner.


Nancy K said...

I am so ticklish too. But, that sounds like fun. Not $75 fun, but fun never the less.
When are you going to Cebu?

Alex said...

Cebu=April 24th. You get used to the ticklish aspect and it's a bit addicting. I'm holding back from going again today.

Josh said...

enjoy buying an obscene amount of vonnegut books!!!! I KNOW how much you like buying new books