Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Food Costco

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, after 9 months in Korea I finally got my butt over to Costco (mooching of course off of a friend's membership). It was strange and amazing to be in a store where the primary packaging was in English with a Korean sticker somewhere translating it. I got all sorts of yummy American food, among the items:
-Honeynut Cheerios
-Regular Cheerios
-Eggo Waffles (shhhhhhhhhhh)
-Onion Powder
-Garlic Powder
-Cold cuts
-Oreos (The imported American kind which don't have milk! The Korean made Oreo in the supermarket is made from real milk instead of chemicals.)
-South African wine (Hey, there was a free sample and it was tasty and inexpensive.)

Notice a theme here? Most of it is breakfast foods. Since Koreans eat the same types of food for all three meals, the western breakfast selection at the supermarket is sadly lacking. Not to mention, I can only eat a small fraction of the items that are available. The spices and tortillas are mainly for Salsa Boy, who promises me Puerto Rican food in the near future.

I spent an obscene amount of money on the groceries (well, obscene by my standards) and you know what? I don't care. Not only is the food a necessity, it's soothing mentally to have the same foods I have at home. Granted, I haven't had eggo waffles since I was a kid but still. They are SO DELICIOUS. Comfort food is fantastic and very much needed at this point.

My parents berated me for not taking pictures of this momentous occasion but to be perfectly honest I was a bit overwhelmed in Costco. It's larger than the one I used to go to in New York and is disorienting (for me at least). Go do a google image search of 'Costco Korea' and you'll get an idea of what it looked like. OR go to your local Costco and imagine it twice as large.


Luis said...

sorry to tell you that the costco's in CA still beat this one

Cynthia said...

Yay Costco!
I, too spend way too much on groceries when I go there. But you are right, it is totally worth it! Comfort food is essential after this long! I, too, got me some cheerios. I had to pass up on the waffles though since I don't think they would have fit in my tiny freezer.

Alex said...

Luis-Yes, but everything in California is obscenely large and spread out.

Cynthia-I split the waffles with someone so it would fit! They are oh so yummy...

Josh said...


Nancy K said...

I'll have to see if I can get you a card. You should have told me that there is a Costco in Korea!

Nancy K said...

Alex, I tried to add the visitors map to my blog and it won't add. What do I have to do to add it?

Alex said...

Mom/Nancy-Get your own map or whatever under my map. Then select what style you want on their page. Then make sure to click on the blogger icon and fill in your info. It will do the rest for you.