Sunday, June 7, 2009

Health Update

I took my very first sick day ever today and went to the doctor. He made very pitying noises when he looked at my throat which made me feel better about taking time off of work. Apparently, I have a very nice case of acute laryngitis. He googled image searched some pictures for me so I could see just how mangy my throat/vocal chords were looking. I am on 5 different medications, including a steroid to help me get better quickly. I'm going back to work tomorrow but I'm going to go in early so I can prep some worksheets and change around my lesson plans this week to minimize speaking. It's easy enough to do with upper level classes who can read and write sentences independently but it's difficult to do minimum voice use lessons with the 6 year olds and forget about the 5 year old class.

I don't like taking sick days. It makes me feel a bit pathetic. I remember one day my freshman year of college I tried to go to work with bronchitis. They didn't want me in the office! My supervisor was like, Alex, please go home. Look, I'm filling out your time sheet. You were here, we are paying you to go home and not get us sick!

I've gone to work far sicker than this throughout the year but not without a voice. Teaching little kids and having a voice is kind of necessary. I was really nervous about my employers being angry but they were really nice about it and I got a sweet text from my boss, hoping that I feel better and all.

I'm not sure what to do with myself. Obviously, resting is in order but there are only so many hours one can lay prone. I'm thinking of cleaning the bathroom later. Killing germs is always fun! I can take out my aggression on the ones in my body by killing all of the germs in my bathroom.
...This was perhaps more logical in my head. I blame it on the handful of pills I had to take!


Josh said...

hath thou returneth to the land of the living/speaking short people?

Rachel said...

Hope that this weeks blog entry finds you healthy, and speaking.

Nancy K said...

I want pictures of your hair!

Boschen In The Ocean said...

I am trying to find the "follow me" on your blog... can you help me out? haha.

Alex said...

....I've yet to find the follow me button on anyone's blog. I'm slightly technically challenged like that. What I do is open two tabs, one for my blogger dashboard and one for the blog I want to add. Then I click on 'add blog' and copy and paste the URL (web address) of the blog I want into the little box. Does that help?