Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July...and a Book revelation

Last night I got dressed in patriotic colors for the first time ever. It's just that I have a fabulous new blue dress which I realized would like better with a belt...and that belt was bright red. So going with the theme I figured I might as well go all out and wore my red sneakers and blue earrings. A picture you say? Why YES. The first thing I did when I got to the BBQ was ask my friend T, to take a picture so my Mom would ease up on the demands for photographic evidence of my continued existence and well being.I realize that this is not the most flattering shot but whatever. This is also what my new haircut looks like not blow dried, still cute but not as fabulous.

The BBQ was a blast and we had a lot of fun with sparklers and small fireworks (sold in the party aisle of EMART with no age restrictions or anything). I met a few new people, including a really awesome woman who encouraged me to go to Japan next, somewhere she happily spent 3 years. Definitely won me over in my never ending debate between staying in Korea and moving to Japan. I also got a chance to chat with an expat who I'd met once briefly in the grocery store who lives down the street from me. She is also a Harry Potter enthusiast! I invited her to join our unabashed dorkfest group going to see the new Harry Potter movie.

A suggestion from facebook:
Alex, I noticed you joined a book club in Seoul. We should totally have an Anyang book club. I realized, WHY NOT? I love books. I love talking about books. I compulsively buy books. This is perfect. Also, I like organizing things. Not to mention it would be far more convenient to do belong to a group in Anyang. I might actually stay a member of the one in Seoul if it works out, because you know, the more books the merrier.

Yesterday, I spent 80,000 on books. About 70 bucks. Whatever, I needed new reading material and I won't have time to go shopping in the near future. Besides, they were all SO SHINY AND I HAD TO HAVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I acknowledge the fact that I may have an addiction.


Nancy K said...

Great outfit for the 4th. Looks great with the belt.
Books? A great addiction and I am very proud to have fostered it. Remember the pile of books I'd send with you to camp? The weekly visits to the library where the librarians challenged themselves to find more fabulous books for you?
Thank for the pictures. See, a little nagging does work!

Alex said...

I do remember, some of my favorite memories.

Now, if only nagging got some of my elementary kids to do their bleedin homework...

Josh said...

i think that your addiction is a good one..... don't think that there are any book-junkies anonymous groups... so you're cool

Anonymous said...

Japan sounds great- Eli has a friend in Japan and he's planning a teaching trip there in the not to distant future. After his last summer's two month stay in Argentina and his fling with Argentinian Spanish, he is now teaching himself Japanese. Maybe you guys could compare notes.

Nice outfit- Thanks for the pic- but I would have worn white sneakers (lol)


Alex said...

Fred-the only time I wear white sneakers is at the gym. BUT you should pass me Eli's email address because it would be rad to compare notes.

Anonymous said...

first initial last name at gmail

Anonymous said...

there are tons of ghosts in the pic of you...if you know what i mean...fine, fine, i'll explain, there's a phenomenon that when there's weird like, white splotches (...) they signify paranormal activity...i've been drinking.


Alex said...

YES!!!!!! But there were no cold spots! Interesting that you mention that though since none of my other pictures came out with spots, which means my lens wasn't dirty. Strange.

E said...

Hey Alex!! Your reading is not an addiction....fact is that Jews are the people of the book...Jews love to every its in the blood!!!
Good Luck