Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Spaz of the Year Award

Trying to pack is obviously not my forte. Usually, to combat this problem I make up obscenely detailed lists and itineraries both for packing and my trip. Somehow I left these at the office because like a spaz, I wrote them in my lesson plan notebook instead of my journal. My guidebook is full of color coded post it notes so that's okay.

What's not okay:
-I can't find my address book (thus expect a dirth of post cards unless you email me your address)
-I seem to have lost my extra camera battery.
-It's after 1am and instead of finishing up I'm blogging to relieve stress.

This should have been an Alex goes bungee jumping post complete with video. My videos of other people are great but my friend A. took the video of me jumping and it is...special. Salsa Boy is going to doctor it a bit in his video editing program before I post it.

Apparently blogger is blocked in China so don't expect any posts until around August 6th. That is, unless I figure out how to access Blogger via a proxy site. I hate to admit it though, I'm not that dedicated of a blogger. I draw the line at breaking a law in order to blog about my travels. However, I am not above emailing Salsa Boy a blog post to post if I really get the urge (changes of this happening: slim, verrrrrrry slim).

Random annoyance: Why do they always sell mini things of shampoo but not face wash or moisturizer? Obviously, the person in charge of travel size stuff is a man. I am bringing mini bottles of everything but that. ...Well, and deodorant because I am silly and obsessed with my French deodorant.

That's it, I'm going to sleep and will finish packing toiletries and such in the morning. I refuse to stay awake obsessing over how to get my face wash into a more travel friendly size bottle.

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