Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Great Wall of China!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the belated post. I meant to post on Friday but between Taekwondo and hosting a party I just didn't have time. Saturday was mainly spent recovering from said party which was a lovely success. Okay, so the great wall of China! I did Leo Hostel's "secret tour" where we hiked up a few kilometers to an unrestored section of the wall. It was amazing to walk along the wall with NO other tourists unlike the popular restored sections that are crawling with thousands of tourists. Our guide was a 73 year old Chinese man who spoke no English. It was pretty awesome. He didn't even bring water with him (I went through about 3 liters over the course of the hike).Look at those mountains! Other people from the hostel, among them several other English teachers from Korea. We even had a mutual friend back in Korea.
My first view of the Great Wall, still a long ways to go though.Fighting!Our guide.
Finally on the wall!
Dear Blogger,
I hate you.
I'm trying to upload more photos and it keeps giving me a damned error Message. Evil I tell you, Evil. I'll upload this post as is and try again later. Good grief.


Nancy K said...

You do look great kiddo. Doesn't look like that was a tour for the unfit!

Rachel said...

You look great, the guide looked fascinating, and it was so awesome to see a photo of the un-restored wall. I always wondered how it kept looking so great having only seen restored wall photos. Wow.

Glad to hear you are keeping up your TaeKwonDo.

Alex said...

Mom: No it really wasn't, one woman had to turn back about 20 minutes into it, she was like...there is no way I'm going to make it up there. The restored sections of the walls have ski lifts and such for the unfit.

Aunt Rachel-The wall was amazing. Taekwondo is so much fun, really good for keeping in shape and working on my Korean.

Great Wall Of China said...

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Josh said...

Whoa, the wall posted a comment about itself!

Alex said...

Maybe the Chinese censure people are trying to use propaganda on my blog!