Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The not so exciting truth

I decided the job I was possibly going to take on Monday was a bad fit. So I'm doing what most expats do in between contracts: go home, get visa paperwork, a job and some serious R+R. I probably could have gotten a different job in the week before my visa expired but I decided I really just wanted to go home and see my family before signing up for another year.

In the mean time I had planned on doing some tourism. What am I doing instead? Laying in bed sniffling. I have a cold, not swine flu like the rest of Korea but a silly cold. A miserable cold. I hate being sick. Last night I went to bed at 6:30pm and woke up at 9:30am. Luckily, I have wonderful friends who bring me take out and such. Tomorrow I shall endeavor to make it past my door and to a museum. In the mean time...~cough, hack, sneeze~


Rachel said...

I hope they had a nice good by for you at the school, as it appears to me from half way around the world that you put your heart and sole into teaching the children. I know you have a lot of family members looking forward to your visit home. Take care and safe travels.

Alex said...

We did have a pretty snazzy dinner. I ate until it hurt, that counts as good huh?

Jay said...

Stop being a sick girl!!

when r u leaving Korea and coming back???

Alex said...

I'm leaving September 10th and coming back when I come back. I'm not sure, a few weeks after that? Come see me at my party tomorrow night!