Saturday, September 26, 2009

One House in Roanoke.

I'd like to title this entry 'a weekend in Roanoke' but the facts are I spent more time vegging with my brother in his house during the day and a half that I was there than actually being on the town. To be fair we went to the farmers market (longest running in the U.S.A), the O. Winston Link museum, out to dinner, out for brunch AND Best Buy. He needed an external hard drive and I realized that I can't wait until I get back to Korea to replace my headphones because there is no way I am taking a billion hour flight without a pair. I'm glad I got them here anyways because while I could probably get a pair of Hello Kitty headphones in Korea they don't sell purple headphones with skulls on them at E-Mart.

The O. Winston Link museum was fun but my ankles really aren't up to standing for very long. For those of you who don't know, Link was obsessed with trains and pretty much took the coolest pictures ever of them with some seriously sophisticated lighting, many of the tools for which he designed/created himself. It's not often you get a brilliant photographer with an engineering degree. My parents have one of his photographs at home and it was interesting to see the progression of his work and how it fit into the whole of his themes and obsessions.

Here is Josh and I in the parking lot outside of the restaurant where we had brunch before I had to go back to NY. Yes, he is wearing a football t-shirt. I never thought I'd see a Karpen in one of those; it's pretty entertaining. Except of course for my Sarah Lawrence football tee which says 'Sarah Lawrence College Football' on the front and 'still undefeated' on the back. i.e. It really doesn't count.

After watching me limp a few feet into the parking lot Josh insisted on giving me a piggy back ride. His wife asked him if he was still going to do that when he is 50. I have doubts but Josh will probably get a Darwin award for like breaking his spine when he is 80 giving me piggy back rides. :-p. Obviously, he is an awesome big brother.


Josh said...

HAH! with any luck I WILL in fact be giving out piggy back rides to my little sister at 50. :-p

Alex said...