Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Road Trip to Roanoke

Tomorrow at 5am I will be embarking with my Dad on a road trip to visit my brother and his wife in their new house in Roanoke. Embarking is perhaps too strong of a word; I will be passed out against the window while my Dad drives to a waffle house in Pennsylvania. I only agree to leave at such ungodly hours if I don't have to drive the first leg. My brain just doesn't function at 5am and can usually only string together sentences like 'coffee? where is the coffee?' Not to mention that whether or not there is traffic it's a pain in the butt to get out of NY.

Today I am busy with such glamorous pursuits as laundry, packing and assorted errands. My Mom won't stop thanking me for fixing her ipod. It didn't take much, I installed the newest itunes software, ran diagnostics, rebooted and voila, it worked. Then I wrote her a tutorial on how to do what I did in case it happened again along with a list of a few cool keyboard shortcuts she saw me use while we tested it out.

The food update:
Yet another glorious day of incredible food. For lunch I had left over squash soup and whole grain bread. Dinner was spectacular, we had lamb chops rubbed down with ancho chili powder and kosher salt, sliced mini potatoes oven roasted with olive oil and kosher salt and finally, a chopped zucchini and onion dish that was actually edible (I normally hate zucchini when it's not in a sauce).

After dinner, Dad wanted me to practice driving his full size pick up truck since I've never driven anything so big before (let alone tried to park in something like that).

Dad: Why don't we drive down the police station and back?
Me: Wouldn't Borders Books be closer?
Dad: ~laughs~
Mom: Why don't you drive down and get ices?
Me: Oooooooooooo dessert! Ices it is! But I don't have any cash on me.
Dad: ~Looks slightly annoyed/disgusted with me~ Do you ACTUALLY THINK I would let you pay for your own ice? Please. Let's go.

I love Italian ices though they are slightly less exciting now that I can't have the cream ones which have infinitely better flavors. I settled for lemon but my god are American portions huge. A small in NY is like a large anywhere else in the world. Ridiculous. Tasty but ridiculous.

Blog updates may or may not be scarce while I'm down South. We'll see.


Josh said...

YAY!!!! Midget goes South!!! WOOHOO!!!

FredL. said...

So while y'all are in Roanoke, maybe you can go down to the SP's headquarters and get some pictures of ol' 614- the last of SP's working steam locomotives- at least is was working when they pulled it from mainline tourist service a couple of years ago!- idon't know but NY highways are a dream at 5am- even though you can get caught in a traffic jam anywhere in the city at that hour.