Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Official End of Blogging Hiatus AND....

Here marks the official end of my blogging hiatus. A quick catch up:
I took a job in Yangsan, a town right on the outskirts of Busan. I arrived in Korea Saturday night and came down south (55 min by plane, 3 hours by bullet train or 5 by slow train) on Monday. Today I met my co-teacher, did paperwork and got settled into my new apartment!

Remember the closet I used to live in? Here are some pictures of my new apartment. They are not fabulous but they are better than nothing!
Look I have a real bed! Of course the brand new bedding is pink but as a girl in Korea, what else could I expect? Those windows make the apartment full of light during the day. Also, notice that I have a TABLE with FOUR chairs! I'm a fan!
See the sort of glass paneling on the right hand side of the photo? Those are sliding glass doors that lead into my foyer/mud room type area. Very nice. Also keeps the cold, hallway draft to zilch. My kitchen is cute! It has a microwave but I think I will buy myself a toaster and water heater because those are AWESOME. The dishes that are out are brand new dishes that they got and washed for me. To the left is the nice big washing machine and a built in drying rack that hangs above it which is all sorts of AMAZING. It is also tiled underneath that section so that it can drip away and not damage the nice floors. The hard wood is fake but a very lovely and convincing fake.

Okay, blogging goals for this year:
1. Blog 2-3 times a week with no exceptions.
2. Have pictures in the entry at least once a week.
Any other suggestions?


Nancy K said...

Nice apartment! Certainly better than the last one! They are kind of Peptol Bismol pink. Regular posts and pictures of your day. How about what you wore today too. Inquiring mothers always want visual info on dd. After having you home for almost 3 months I need lots of pictures so I can see you. How about pics of the school, your classroom, walking to work in the morning? Places you eat and shop, everyday kind of stuff.

Rachel S said...

Yeah, an update! Love your new apartment. Looks so much better. You will be so much happier there, now that you know how to negotiate for nice living quarters. You could tone done the pink on the bed with some pillows in a print (with just a hint of pink to "tie it together") or just some pillow shams. Regardless, it is clean, modern looking and reasonably spacious.

I love photos but also love reading your adventures. One photo per post would be great to show us your life (like you Mom suggests).

Alex said...

Ooo, good idea on the pillows Aunt Rachel. There are actually two regular pillows in the closet without sheets so I could get pillow cases for them.

I'll aim for lots more pictures Mom! I think I'll do what Salsa Boy does and try to keep my camera permanently in my pocket/purse.

Josh said...

i like the apartment. although i would have paid a great deal to have seen your facial expression on first sighting of the LOVELY pink-ness! heehee

And yes, keep camera in purse at all times! I KNOW you have the room, maybe only carry 9 books instead of 10

Alex said...

Don't dis the books! I actually really didn't focus on the pink sheets when I came in, I was more oohing and ahing over how beautiful everything else was. I mean sliding doors into my foyer and kitchen?! Amazingness.

Anonymous said...

Great Looking Pad- Of course some
posters on the walls could tone down the Pinish ness a bit ( mainly by covering it up- or youcold hang shades or curtains over the non-existant windows- for the same effect.

Let's hear it for the low-tech method of drying clothes! We had a hanging dryer rack growing up in th eprojects. It was over the battub. There were puleys on the ceinign and a rope contraption to raise it and lower it. Kept us entertained for hours. When NAT (obm) and I turned the bathroom into a darkroom, we used the drier to hang the wet film and prints-