Monday, December 21, 2009

The worst thing about not updating

The worst thing about not updating for awhile is how very much you have to catch up on. The longer I go without updating, the less I want to update.

Last week I was at an EPIK teacher training. 5 days, 200 foreigners, 1 hotel. From 9-9 we had seminars and classes. Most of it was actually quite good and I got a lot out of it. I even got a little special recognition for my never ending enthusiasm. Our class assistant, who was basically the cattle herder/Korean-English liaison, just seemed happy to have someone who wasn't obnoxious and liked to be involved.

Anyways, the most interesting bits were obviously not what happened between 9 and 9. What happens when you put 200 English teachers in a hotel together? Debauchery. To fair, a lot of it was good honest socializing, drinking pints while networking, sharing ideas and problems. Then again, a lot of it wasn't. This is my favorite example of it:

While walking back to my floor with 2 other people, let's call them hooligans 1 and 2, when we noticed that there was a very strange lump sticking out from behind the curtain next to the elevators. Being the bright, young and inquisitive teachers that we are, we decided to see what it was. Hooligan 1 and I walked over and flipped aside a bit of the curtain only to notice that there were two people behind the curtain engaging in NON TEACHERLY BEHAVIOR. At this point Hooligan 2 attempts not to fall over from laughing so hard. Meanwhile, we STILL HAVE TO WAIT TWO MINUTES FOR THE ELEVATOR TO ARRIVE. Hooligan 1 and I attempt to avoid eye contact. When the elevator finally arrived, we all fell in and collapsed on each other with deep belly aching laughs. You have perhaps never known a true guffaw until you run into coworkers engaging in nefarious acts.

Why are there no pictures you ask? BECAUSE I AM A MORON AND FORGOT MY CAMERA. Also, my pajamas. People are as slow at posting their pictures on facebook as I am about updating my blog I suppose.

And now, off to the immigration office which promises to be at least as frustrating as the DMV.


Anonymous said...

LOL Thanks for good laugh.

Rachel S said...

Loved your story. Sounds like a typical retreat in so many fun ways. I did wonder why you were not posting. At least I had an excuse, no power! Hope everything went ok at immigration office.

Alex said...

I had an excuse...3 public access computers between 200+internet hungry people. I got on once mid way through to send an email to my parents that said: I am still alive and having a blast. Love, Alex.
:) I had my internet priorities in order! Forget a lover scorned, try parents!