Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Miraculous Experience at the Bank

Yesterday, I went to the bank and experienced a miracle...it only took me 5 minutes to get everything I wanted done! Monday, the school's online banking program was down so they couldn't pay me. No worries, they took care of it first thing Tuesday morning but wanted me to check on my account to make sure everything was in order. Unfortunately, my Korean isn't good enough to feel comfortable using cell phone or internet banking services so I actually have to go in person to the bank to check on things. Theoretically I could have gone to the corner ATM to check the balance but I had to deal with some bills too. Not to mention the paint smell in the school makes me look for any reason to leave early and get away from the omnipresent headache that the fumes leave me with.

When I walked into Hana bank, the woman who speaks English immediately dropped whatever paperwork she was working on, helped me figure out my bills and chatted with me for a few minutes. By the way, not only can you do money transfers from any ATM, you can pay the new style bills simply by inserting the bill into the ATM, swiping your card, and punching your pin number. Two seconds later, your bill stub and receipt is spit out and VOILA you are finished. The bank tellers were highly amused by my utter astonishment at this process. Fricken fantastic! I don't even think checks exist in Korea anymore. At least, I've yet to see one. My bank helper and I are going to meet up next weekend for a Korean/English language exchange. Getting paid for an English lesson outside of my job is illegal but language exchanges are free, mutually beneficial and a good way of making Korean friends.

Tonight, I'm going with Hooligan 1 and the Female Kiwi to Yangsan's very first expat bar, The Hemingway. The Hooligan and I have made mutual threats of bodily harm and have now agreed to lend each other a few books on a trial run. I think the Hooligan is going to make me give Faulkner another chance, something I have mixed feelings about. In any case, I'm under no obligation to finish the book if I don't like it which is the brilliant thing about not buying a book.


Anonymous said...

Banking sounds amazing

Nancy K said...

Is Hemingway where you are going to have your book club meet? You already know what I think about your banking experience.

Kyle Crum said...

I've been paying bills like that for most of the year. It's pretty sweet if you tell me!

Alec Miniero said...

My life is HELL. Also don't you dare criticize my boy Faulkner! If Go Down, Moses was all you read (you seemed very confused during it too what with your margin notes, heh, but who am i kidding so are we all, that's the FUN of it!) you's got plenty more to enjoy!

Alex said...

@Alec...I was probably confused as hell. That was a book from my first real literature class (boarding school transfer student, junior year). I had no idea what the hell I was doing. Which is why I'm willing to give him another shot. Btw, I am holding your Pynchon hostage until I get those books back mister.
@Anonymous and Kyle: OMG it really is. Last year I had an old school computer print out bill and paid from the ATM but this year it involves absolutely no skill to do. I don't even need an ATM with English.
@Nancy K/Mom: Yes, it is where we are going to have our book club. I'm going tonight for burgers and beer. :-D Not to mention I'd like to introduce myself to the owner who graciously said we could use his bar as a meet-up spot.