Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh the Joy of Winter Camp

So this was probably the least successful first day. It was the most successful in that we actually got every single planned activity done and hit up everything from my filler list. This class was far more advanced and smaller than the others so they went through the material much faster. I managed to make it work but I wish I could have some idea of class level before walking in. Wishful thinking, I know but it would be nice. I also have several students who ended up with my relative's English names...and I didn't chose them. Very random and yet easy to remember.

They are really going gung-ho with the painting of the school and it reeks of chemicals. On the plus side someone figured out that they couldn't finish painting my classroom while I was teaching so they must have done it Friday afternoon or Saturday. In any case, it looks fabulous except for the paint splatters on the floor. Advice on how to get rid of those? My co-teacher doesn't seem to be bothered by them but I'm a tad too OCD to let it slide.

Today I was given a free calender by someone in our school because "I am so beautiful." I feel like hearing this should get less awkward as the year goes on and yet I feel embarrassed every time. It's far worse than someone drunkenly proclaiming this to you in a bar or club. I also seem much more likely to then trip over something after such a proclamation. At least I was sitting down when it was presented to me.

Absolutely nothing planned for this evening except for dragging myself to E-Mart. I tend to put this off for as long as possible but I am out of breakfast cereal which counts as a dire situation.


Salsa boy said...

You're so beautiful... and with this calendar, you can be beautiful every day of the year...

FredL. said...

try painting the rest of the floor to match the splotches. Otherwise wash the floor with paint thinner.