Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On Konglish, Ankles, and a Night on the Town

Last night, not only were my ears not tortured, I actually enjoyed myself. Granted, some of the music was not fabulous but The Basement was packed and I had a blast dancing with my friends. Yes...dancing. I know the doctor keeps telling me to rest but the fact of the matter is that yesterday I managed to slip on 2 separate sets of stairs, fall off of 2 curbs and knocked over my own garbage pail (though that didn't hurt my ankles). I'm doomed to miserable boredom if I just try to rest because I will never stop accidentally hurting myself. The ankle braces are going to stay on, I'll keep doing acupuncture and what not but I'm not going to let a little pain get in between me and enjoying my life. Forget it, it's too fricking dull and life is too short.

Anyways, so back to the title topic. Konglish. Nothing makes my day like a sign of awkward English. My friend KG and I couldn't stop giggling over a few of these...
All I have to say here is really?!!!!!! As if the name wasn't enough...look at that email. The most frightening/hilarious thing about this is that Cocks' Tail is a heteronormative, mainstream bar. It just has an absolutely ridiculous name.

I have no idea what they mean by this. It isn't wrong...it just doesn't really make any sense. And as evidenced by the picture, NOT ALL KOREANS ARE BONE THIN. Just most of them.

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