Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Correction and Books

Apparently, yesterday's post about EPIK is a mistake due to a misinterpretation of an email between EPIK and it's recruiters. Not surprising given the standard of communication in Korea but a relief for incoming teachers nevertheless. (See Brian's retraction here.)

I just read this article in the Dong-A Ilbo and am utterly appalled. Apparently, the average Korean adult reads only 10.9 books a year and 28% read no books at all. I was beyond horrified by these statistics-- until I got online and discovered that in 2007,** 25% of people in the United States didn't read either (read this AP article). However, it is interesting to note that neither poll concerned how much time people spent reading blogs. Yesterday, I spent a good 6 hours between work and home reading newspapers and blogs online. If I had been reading a book I would have started and finished it in that same time period (given of course that I wasn't reading French, Spanish, Joyce or anything else ridiculously long and difficult).

Apparently I am more of a freak of nature than originally surmised considering the fact that I read more books in a month on average than most people do in a year. February is off to a rather slow start though. It is already the 4th and I've only read 1 book, Faulkner's As I Lay Dying (fabulous by the way). I shudder to think what my rate would go down to if I ever give in and buy an iphone.

Migraine update: I do not have a migraine, I need to get my eyes checked. The headache immediately abated significantly when I made the viewing font on my computer 3 times bigger. Obviously, I am going blind again. Stupid genetics. Luckily, getting your eyes examined in Korea is FREE if you are purchasing anything at all with the exam, contacts, glasses, etc. And since I'm quite sure they are worse and will require new lenses and contacts it will be great.

I have updated my blog 3 times and it's only 11AM here. This borders on spam. Oh well, no one is being forced to read it.

**No more recent statistics appear to be available for the USA, at least according to my preliminary Google research.


Salsa Boy said...

Trust me you don't want to know how low your heart rate can go.

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Alex said...

...Salsa Boy I was really confused until I realized you were making a pun about my reading rate. Doh.

Salsa Bot said...

D'oh... my mistake...