Sunday, February 21, 2010

Holy Shit

Who gets $1.1 million dollars? Business tycoons, wall street financial types, Super high end lawyers, designers...and corrupt public school principals in South Korea. Check out this article in today's Korea Times.

One of the things I liked the best about the article is that it was hard hitting when talking about the issues in the Korean public school system: over crowded classrooms, a ridiculous amount of administrative paperwork, promotions that aren't based on merit and so forth.  A recent article discussing the post-baby boomer population decline lamented the fact that from the 100+ kids in over crowded classrooms the modern South Korean classroom has a measly 30 students. I'm sorry, have you ever tried to teach a language (or anything for that matter) to 30 students at a time in a non-lecture type situation? It's impossible to give the students the attention and feedback they need to truly advance in that sort of situation.

Anyways, the article takes an interesting and brutally honest look at one of the many ways that relationships and money still win out over a merit based bureaucracy in Korean society.  I know that much of these actions are left-overs from a stricter Confucian values based society but with the all the big talk Korea makes about re-branding itself on the global level to be one of the big players it will continue to fail miserably until it aggressively addresses social issues.

Spaz update: I never cut myself while chopping vegetables...but I did manage to slice open my palm while washing my new knife. Oh Alex.

Weekend update: A Korean actually recognized myself and a few of my friends from the club opening at the Womb. Apparently our dance moves are That impressive. I felt like a mini celebrity...and also completely ridiculous. How is it that once I stop dancing I can't stop tripping over my own feet?


female kiwi said...

the korea times is totally rubbish... the more i read it the angrier I get

Alex said...

I actually enjoy reading it in a perverse sort of way. As Korea's 'premier English language newspaper of world class standards' it's highly amusing.

SuperFantabulous said...

I agree, just don't take it too seriously and you won't get irritated. The Korean Time's should have a disclaimer on it that says, "To be used for entertainment purposes only."

Alex said...

@SuperFantabulous: AGREED!