Sunday, March 28, 2010

In Which Pollution Kicks My Butt

This weekend I let pollution kick my butt. Saturday I alternated between sleeping, eating, reading and blowing my nose. I did make it out for an evening of Scrabble and cocktails at the Hemingway (I won!) but was home by midnight. Such an exciting life I lead.

Today I went into town to get groceries and to fortify myself for the Sunday Emart rush, I got a latte and picked up my coffee first, rather than as a treat for making it out alive. My favorite coffee shop is trying to kill me though. They won't sell me a pound of coffee. They won't sell me more than 100 grams of ground coffee because they are convinced that by the time I get through it all it won't be perfectly fresh. Which is true, it WILL take me an entire week or two to get through it. But even if it was a month old, I would still drink it. Stale coffee is much better than me attempting to teach without having had any coffee. Sometimes I convince them to sell me more, and promise to drink it up before it goes stale but today I didn't have the energy and settled for the paltry 100 grams. Maybe on Wednesday, when I'm all out of coffee I shall whip out my super amazing Konglish skills for the argument.

I wanted to sit in the park after all of that...but then I got a phone call at 4:02 reminding me that I was supposed to be online for a Skype discussion on Korean teaching culture at 4pm. This is what happens when I don't write things down. It was interesting but by the time I finished I was just wanted to make dinner and veg out again.  I actually had a balanced meal: scrambled eggs, bacon, red pepper slices and OJ. Not healthy per se but I got in multiple food groups!

Spaz updates from the weekend:
1. This morning, I put my brace on the wrong ankle. I stood up, realized something was funny and looked down only to go 'doh!'
2. Tripped over my own feet while attempting to walk across the apartment (no new sprains resulted though so it's a spaz win!)
3. Accidentally whacked the Cragon in the balls while trying to smack his arm to look at the crazy socks being sold on the street.  The Partial Asian and the ajumma watching couldn't stop laughing. The Cragon was less than perfectly amused. I imagine being smacked in the crotch is not a very pleasant thing. 

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