Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ode to My Pencils, the Korea Times, and Life

I don't have much going on right now.  To give you an idea: I actually wrote an entire paragraph about the love I have for my new pencils in an e-mail to my parents. That's right, an ode to my pencils. 

However, there is always the Korea Times to make fun of! This bit constantly makes me giggles a little:

The articles listed under "Nation" are fairly normal: Korea-Congo Summit Due Monday, Song's Surgery Method gets Europe's Approval, Sejong Bill to be Submitted to Assembly, and so forth.  Now look at the articles listed under "World": Actress at 70, No Surgery Anymore, Math Genius, Topless Gardner, Real Breasts....

Do you see a theme here? Apparently the world outside of Korea is only concerned about nudity and celebrities! Why isn't this under the "Arts and Living" section or even "Special"?  Korean Rum Diary has many articles ranting about the Korea Times far more eloquently than I but I particularly recommend this post about the KT and plagiarism.

Spaz update: I am completely retarded when I go to class without eating dinner first. I kept trying to use Korean with my French tutor. On the plus side, I haven't tripped over anything recently that has resulted in injury.

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