Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Snow Days in Korea

At 7:24 I got a phone call this morning from the co-worker who handles my administration paperwork and such.

Her: Hi Alex!  This is Mrs. ---.
Me: ~cough cough~ Errrr hi?
Her: Today is a snow day! No classes. You come to work at 9.
Me: ~looks out the window~ Huh. There is snow. Ummm ok. Good-bye.

At which point I went back to my snooze button since a 20 minute delayed opening doesn't really need changing. 5 minutes later I get a call from my co-teacher.

Him: Hi Alex. How is your condition?
Me: Hi. My what? Oh. I don't know. I'm sick. Fine I guess. ~coughs away.
Him: Today is a snow day. Late opening you can come in at 10.
Me: Are you sure?
Him: Yes, 10 or 11.
Me: Huh. Okay. Err I'll see you at 10 then. ~coughs away. Good-bye.

I got up and changed my alarms, pleased to have a change in plans.

At 9:00 I got a text saying that opening was delayed until 9:30 from the administrator which I ignored.

At 9:05 I got a call from my co-teacher saying that classes were canceled and I should stay home because I am sick.

At 9:10 I got a call from the administrator saying that my co-teacher was wrong and even though classes were canceled for students the principal still wanted all of the teachers to come to school. At this point I was very bleary and coughing and finally just said: 'I'm taking a sick day then. I am too sick to come to school. I will see you tomorrow.'

Then I went back to sleep until 12:30 and ate breakfast. Here is my question though: if the weather is supposedly too bad for the local students to safely walk to school (most live within a 5 minute walk) then how are the teachers, all but 3 of which live in Busan between a 20 and 60 minute drive away, supposed to safely drive to school? This baffled me. I mean if I wasn't sick I would have gone in and done lesson plans and read the news and such but feeling like shit, I was like...screw it, I'm staying home. And I'm glad I did if only to avoid the 92 million conversations about why I haven't gone to the doctor yet. People, it's a head cold, what the hell is the doctor going to do for me that I don't already know??? Take some decongestants, drink plenty of fluids and get lots of rest. Tea and vitamins help too.

I'm going back to sleep.

By the only snowed 3 inches. Three.

Dear Germs,


Kyle Crum said...

Dear Alex,
We need someplace to live. Do you want to have us shivering in the cold? That wouldn't be very nice.


Josh said...

Dear Germs,

Leave my favorite sister alone, maybe you should live in her co-teacher for a while.


Alex said...

~giggles madly~

Danielle said...

We also had a snow day. For about 2 inches of snow, which melted before 12.


Alex said...

Yeah, ours was gone by 2pm I think.