Thursday, May 6, 2010

Children's Day and Children's Suicide

Yesterday, I guzzled my cold medicine, put on my sandals, packed some kim bap and headed to the BEACH.  It was about 23c here yesterday, definitely warm enough to sit in the sun, chat with friends and read my book. Lots of the other people were drinking but cold medicine and drinking is a recipe for disaster. Two of the guys brought their guitars and improvised songs about Children's Day and being on the beach while highly amused Koreans looked on.

It was amazing to see so many young people with their family and smiling. They clutched balloons and candy and ran around to their heart's content. Of course then we had the lovely reminder article today in the Korean Herald about how frighteningly high suicide rates are among the young.  Every few months someone runs an article about how Korea has the highest suicide rate in the OECD and talks about why this is so. And yet no one ever really  talks about how to help...

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