Saturday, May 1, 2010

Temp Blogging Hiatus

The internet in my apartment is broken. I tried buying a new cord and everything. Ideally, this will take until Monday or Tuesday to resolve but in case it doesn't, you know where I've gone!

Also, I'm ridiculously sick. Sicker than I was during the week. Yucky deep cough, congestion the works. I went back to the pharmacy for more decongestant and decided to get those yummy vitamin C chewable things my kids are always giving me.  I was like uh 'bitamin** C...candy?' And mimed chewing. The pharmacist smiled but he got it! Last time I bought vitamin C it was in the pill form and who wants that when you can have candy?! Exactly! No one! Well, except maybe for diabetics.

** There is no 'v' sound in Korean but the word for 'vitamin' is the same.

All I want to do is lie in bed and poke the internet but my internet is broken!!!!!! Right now I'm at a PC bang (room) catching up on 3 days worth of emails. 5 of my students are sitting behind me and are very happy to see me. I live living in the same neighborhood as my students, it's fun to see them outside of school. I think it also makes the teachers seem more human. 

Also, one of my student's dad's who is watching over them while they play bought me a coffee. Which is really sweet...only it is the instant Korean coffee which has milk in it. I think I shall stealthily wait until his back is turned and then dump it out in the sink.

More posts when I feel less like death warmed over and more like a human.

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eraponte said...

Remember to get a slightly shorter chord this time