Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Busan Haps 1 year anniversary and the World Cup

I have lots of great photos from this weekend. I had planned on bringing my card reader to work and posting them during lunch time BUT it seems to have gotten swallowed by my apartment. This is probably an indicator that I should straighten up the tornado of books and such instead of taking a nap after work. Probably.

If I find it I'll go back and edit this post, if not, use your sparkly imaginations!

World Cup Part 1:
I decided not to go to the local stadium in Yangsan with most of my friends since it looked like rain (and it did). Instead, I went to a sam gip sal restaurant with some friends and made the Koreans very happy since we were all wearing red and supporting Korea in the Korea v. Greece game on the TV. Nothing makes sam gip sal taste better than cheering ajosshis and victory.

Busan Haps Issue Launch Party/1 year anniversary:
Technically it was a giant pub crawl but if I hit 6 bars and had just a drink in each I'd be much drunker than I'd like.  Pub crawls are not designed for those under a certain body mass I think.  The last event was at a swanky (for Busan) club, MurpII (terrible name) in the basement of the Novotel Hotel. The atmosphere inside the club was pretty good though the door people left a lot to be desired. I was ushered right in since I was on the list but a few people had issues getting in. Confession: as small and silly as it is, being on the list made me feel kind of cool. Not to mention that not having to pay cover is excellent. Standard over-priced drinks though the pina coladas I had were excellent and had a giant wedge of pineapple on the rim so I felt like I was getting some nutritional value out of them too. Something tells me that the massive quantities of alcohol negated most of that but whatever. Vitamins are vitamins! 

Funny bits: as I was coming out of the (amazing Western standard clean) bathroom I saw a woman going around picking up trash and such...in an old school maid's uniform. I'm talking about the black dress and white frilly apron on an ajumma. It was seriously bizarre. 

World Cup Part 2:
After listening to the bands for awhile and schmoozing I decided to join the rest of my friends in Kyungsang to watch the US v. England game. It was utterly bizarre to be in a pub that was completely packed until 6am. Usually the crowd thins out at 1 and again at 3 but I don't think anyone left Eva's until the game was over.

Confession: I'm not into sports, at all. My usual stipulation for accompanying significant others to sporting events is that I be allowed to bring a book. Except for games like water polo where there are lots of near naked bodies to ogle. And yet, when you are across the world from home, it's invigorating to be somewhere packed with people who are shouting and jumping with excitement. The energy is contagious. At least I know the rules for soccer.

I finally got home around 7:30 and dropped into bed until 1 in the afternoon. Definitely not something to do every weekend but fun for a rare adventure.  Pictures later, possibly.

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