Friday, July 2, 2010


Recording the radio show was nerve wracking as hell and then it was over. 

Spaz update:
1. Microphones are not fidgeting friendly. I had be reminded a few times not to rustle my papers or tap my fingers on the table. I finally settled for waving my fingers around in the air while I talked. Why yes, I did look ridiculous!

Rainy season has set in. I want to go out and be a tourist but when it rains I just want to hang about the apartment, read, and eat chocolate. Very exciting, I know. 

Anyways, stay tuned for the radio show, Busan FM 90.5, "Let's talk Busan" on July 11th. It starts at 7:00pm Korea time (though I don't go on until 7:30) and should be available steaming on their website if you don't have access to a radio, or you know, Korean airwaves.

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