Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Spaz Goes for Run...

...And didn't die or get hurt!

In the past year and a half I have sprained either or both ankles 3 times. For the first time in my life I have been seriously out of shape and it was really starting to bother me. I'm never overweight but not having real muscles is so weird. Yesterday I was uber productive. I came home from school, got my books, met the Partial Asian for dinner, studied for 2 hours and then went for a run.

It was slightly pathetic. To be fair, I was doing loops at the base of the mountain, so lots of up and down but still. There was much panting involved. I also managed to startle the crap out of one of my students when she was out walking with her mother.

The weird thing is, I usually hate running. I have almost never voluntarily chosen it for exercise.  Usually, I find plain running boring and painful, even when I'm actually in shape. It's just that for weeks I've been having dreams where I'm running. Not how running in my dreams usually goes when I'm being chased by something menacing but  just running for the sake of it and feeling incredible. It wasn't as effortless as my dream but it still felt really good.

Things to know about running in Korea:
-Most people don't run in the streets. They go to parks or down by the river to run if they do so at all. Be prepared for staring...but it's not too bad since you pass them fairly quickly. 
-Try to avoid the clouds of gas when they spray for mosquitoes. It makes your lungs feel pretty awful.
-Watch out for the stumbling drunks near restaurants.

Bets for how many times I go for a run before I hurt myself?


Josh said...

the third time for sure!

Nancy K said...

Maybe you shouldn't run again before your vacation?