Sunday, July 25, 2010

Travel OCD and mini Spaz update

I take travel preparation to whole new levels of ridiculousness.  My mother commented that she really needs to stop asking me if I've done 'x' because not only have I done it, I've gone even more freakishly organized than expected. My med kit is carefully packed in a quart zip lock (with a smaller travel version inside to go in my day bag for on the road spaz attacks). Every Korean over the counter drug has been labeled in English. Cragon has been quizzed on my existing medical conditions on the off chance that I suffer a severe spaz attack and need to be hospitalized. My passport has 3 copies made to hide in my carry on, checked bag and left with a coworker at work, not to mention the scanned copy that my parents have in the off chance that everything I own is stolen and I need it forwarded to my embassy.

The thing is, nothing major has Ever gone wrong on any of my trips. But I'm ridiculously morbid (but Cragon, what if the elephant throws me and crushes my legs and you need to know my blood type?!!!) and being over prepared helps me feel calm. That way when I finally get to my destination I can just focus on having a good time, taking in the sights, and snapping an inhuman amount of pictures. And you know, not tripping over my own feet.

Spaz updates:
1. I reread my last post to see try and remember what I last rambled about when I realized that in the first line was an apostrophe error that my first year literature professor in college (and adviser) trained me out of. I think she would have smacked me with a giant stack of papers if she ever saw it. Rest assured, it has been corrected.

2. Not my own! I bought a cheap cotton cardigan to take with me since all of mine are cashmere or wool and completely overkill for south east Asia.  E-mart forgot to take off the sensor so now I have to make ANOTHER stop this afternoon to have them remove it. Thank god I saved the receipt but seriously, what a pain in the butt.

Friday I ran an entire mile...and then I walked the mile on the return trip home. I am so ridiculously out of shape. That mile killed me. I took the weekend off from running but I WILL run again tonight. I have yet to trip ~knock on wood!~ but then again, I'm being inordinately careful about paying attention to my footing.

Never, ever go a year without exercise if you can help it. The return is so painful.

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Nancy K said...

You are a tad obsessive. But, then you already know that. Have a wonderful trip.