Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm a terrible blogger or More Angkor

I've gotten into my 'it's about to be a new semester I need to obsessively plan and make worksheets storm.' So far I have killed several trees but everything is double sided and amazing!

...And back to the pretty! More temple loving.
Me poking out of a window. I frequently took pictures and then said to Cragon 'you know what would make this picture perfect? A person in it!' Cragon got used to posing and taking pictures. And by 'got used to,'
I mean looking slightly exasperated in almost every single one. I smiled prettily because obviously my mother gives far more frightening guilt trips about coming home from vacation without a plethora of pictures of myself.
Just to give you an idea of the sort of steps I was climbing all day. Angkor is not for the feint of heart--or ankles. I dutifully wore my ankle brace until somehow, 4 mosquitoes bit me THROUGH the brace and the rubbing created so much itching I thought I was going to explode.  This is why your mini first aid kit should always have anti-itch cream in it. Thank you, Dad for making me the most over prepared traveler I have ever met, it pays off sometimes. Of course I frequently mentioned that I would probably die of Dengue fever but I appear to have escaped unscathed. (The people climbing the steps are not us but some tourists who then took the same type of pictures of us scrambling up the steps.)
As you can see, it took me a lot longer to carefully pick my way up the steps than Cragon. Since I didn't sprain my ankle for the 4th time in 2 years, I have decided that moving like a sloth is the way to go!
...I just realized that these pictures are not from day 3 at Angkor as I originally thought but Day 1 at Ta Prohm and perhaps one other temple. Note to self: don't wear the same color shirt for major picture days. Ta Prohm is the temple above with the giant trees growing out of it. It should look familiar to you if you have ever seen Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (which I re-watched recently just to glory in the fact that I'd actually been there). Unfortunately, a lot of my cool tree pictures didn't come out very well because I was having some problems with the auto-focus on my camera. Apparently, Canon really doesn't like being in ridiculous 90+ temperatures with high humidity. Fair enough, neither do I.
The elephant and I are having a glorious conversation.
This temple was smaller than many of the very popular temples but the carvings were amazingly well preserved.

I could probably do one more post about Cambodia. We'll see. I'd like to go back to blogging about my day to day life eventually.


Nancy K said...

Quite amazing. When you come home we can print them out and frame them for lovely wall art. Oh, and I resent that crack about guilt! Blame me for your being a ham why don't you You've always loved to get your picture taken and you do add a certain frisson to the pictures. Looking out the window is a good one.

Alex said...

But it's so much FUN to blame you! <3 <3