Sunday, August 8, 2010

A night in Kuala Lumpur

For whatever reason, it was difficult to find an affordable flight directly to Cambodia so we decided that a layover in Kuala Lumpur could be exciting. Customs and getting to the city center took a lot longer than predicted so we didn't get to our hostel until 8pm--far too late to really see any temples. Not to mention by that time Cragon and I were dying for dinner. We wandered around and decided to just get some cheap street food. We poured over the Malay menu (which had a few pictures) but 5 minutes later the owner managed to scrounge up a very beat up English menu! It was nice to at least know which animal we were going to be eating. 
I have no idea what this is called. It was on the table at a lot of places, if you want one you ate it and they charged you for it. Basically rice, spicy curry with a bit of anchovy and hard boiled egg on top, wrapped in a banana leaf. Very yummy. Then I had some mixed rice dish which was very tasty though a bit generic.

Then we went to look at a building that was recommended by my guide book and isn't open to tourists even during the day. So you know, yay for not missing anything. The Sultuan Abdul Samad building is well, a building. Built by a British colonialist and now facing Merdeka Square which is the independence square. It used to be a rather large cricket pitch. My guide book says that the flag pole there is the tallest in the world but it is a few years out of date and wiki says it's 'one of the tallest in the world' so who knows. Wandering around the streets of Kuala Lumpur was more fun than actually looking at the building.

Me looking awkward and still in my airplane clothes! Notice the white thing on my toe? I somehow managed to rip up the skin on the bottom of my big toe 2 days before traveling. However, constant wrapping and coating with Neosporin during the day got it healed by the 2nd day of my vacation.

I don't know, it was fun to look at. I'd love to go to Malaysia one day and travel about. It seems like a really beautiful country and there are lots of old temples.

After wandering around (and getting very lost, we had to take a taxi back to the hostel) it was time to crash.

Not so exciting first post but the rest of the vacation series shall be FULL of gorgeous pictures of Cambodia, spaztastic tales, and so forth! If I don't post everyday this week, feel free to send me hate mail.


One who has been changed said...

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Josh said...

that Jeebus guy musta been pretty cool..... although what does that have to do with a posting about a night in Kuala Lumpur?