Monday, November 29, 2010

A Spaztastic Day-Moving Out

I had a feeling it was going to be one of those days as I repeatedly dropped things in the bathroom this morning. Luckily, the only permanent damage was to my favorite eye shadow which shattered into a million pieces and made a ridiculous mess.

Despite my reservations, I made it through the day without even painfully bumping into a desk or spilling my coffee! My students (with the exception of one slightly evil 6th grade class) were bummed that I am leaving and my desk had a small mountain of farewell notes and little presents.

After class I ran to the post office to get another box to try and get my suitcases down to regulation weight. I brought it home, stuffed 15 kilos worth of stuff in, and off I went dashing back to the post office. I made it half a block before the box ripped and dumped all of my stuff in the middle of a (thankfully dead) intersection.  Logical problem solving me was replaced by anxiety me-- who desperately tried to make the box go back into box shape so I could get out of the middle of the street. My stuff, instead of piling neatly sort of rolled about into an even bigger mess.

As I was desperately shoving away, a friendly grandmother came over and tried to help me--with a baby strapped on her back. She quickly decided that what I needed was tape and told me to hold on a minute. A minute later she popped back outside with a roll of industrial looking tape and helped me tape the box together. One of her friends (or another random elderly lady?) stopped to help us and in 2 minutes we had my box taped up and all of my stuff securely inside. I bowed deeply and thanked them both and then was on my way again.

I know that if the situation was reversed I would have done the same thing but to have that sort of help when I really needed it was just fantastic.  It's not so bad being a spaz if someone is there to help you out.

Note-I came to Korea with 2 suitcases. I am leaving Korea with 2 suitcases and having mailed 4 large boxes. This does not count the 100+ books I have gotten rid of. I must try to curtail my accumulation habits!


Rachel S said...

When I have too much to do, and am trying to hard, that is when everything falls apart on me (like boxes, hitting myself, and so forth). It can happen when I think I have things all under control, because I don't leave time for the unexpected.

Stephen said...

I have been cleaning house this weekend. I have realized that in 3 1/2 years... I have about 4 boxes to mail home... and 10 boxes of stuff to sell or give away...(desktop computer, oven, baking pans, housewares, ironing board, heater and MORE)... I have almost as much here as in storage at home... good luck to you