Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jeans in the Freezer

Yes, that's right. I have a pair of jeans in the freezer. They are keeping my ice cubes company. In reality, they are there because I brushed up against a pole in Seoul last weekend and got gum all over the back of the leg. I think I will leave them there until this weekend before I put myself through the torment of picking off someone else's old gum stuck to the leg.

On a more cheerful note, it makes me want to name my refrigerator. I can't believe I hadn't named it already. Probably because there is never much food in it, only beer and bottled water. This week there are 3 different varieties of uudong (spelling...in English....not going to happen). I know you aren't supposed to go food shopping when you are hungry but it's the only time I can remember to go. I do miss the 24 hour grocery store that was on my block in Manhattan. Every week at 3am I would get hungry while studying, realize I was out of food and then was ABLE TO GO GROCERY SHOPPING instead of being miserable until morning. Unfortunately, I tended to mutter to myself about which lunch meat to buy--in French. I didn't realize I did this until someone started to chat me up in French and I couldn't help thinking, 'how on earth does he know that I speak French?' It wasn't until I got home that I realized what must have happened.

Apparently crazy is sexy. Who knew?

...I fear that gum on my favorite jeans is not so hot.


Josh said...

you are a strange little bird sis

Printemps said...

I must say this seem an interesting proposition ... to get the gums out of the jeans...;). I am being low-temperature scientist.

i think we have something in common: FRENCH


Alex said...

Vous avez raison! J'aime le francais, la lanuge, la culture, etc.