Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dancing and the Button

This Friday I think I am actually going salsa dancing. The other weekend I ended up being too tired to go into northern Seoul, just to have to pay for a cab home an hour later so I decided to stay local in Anyang. Assuming I actually sleep through the night instead of waking up at 3am and staring at the ceiling for a couple of hours I will go into Seoul, eat yummy Bulgarian food and then go dancing. I've never actually been salsa dancing, nor do I know how but I can follow pretty well so it should probably work out. Or be really hilarious to watch. Either way it should be entertaining.

Saturday I need to actually go shopping. I've been putting it off for weeks because shopping in Korea is a bit depressing if you have curves or are larger than a size zero in American sizes. I have never been an extra large and yet voila, I am a size large or extra large in regular shops. It isn't that I feel fat, it's that I need to constantly remind myself that I have a lovely body and that it is simply a different shape (ie it has curves). Why the need to shop? Despite my protests to my mother that my winter coat is fine, it has sprung a hole and the lining is shredding. I still love it! It's green! It has fabulous wooden buttons! ...It is also no longer very warm. This is problematic. Also, of the two pairs of jeans that I can wear out at night, one is still covered in gum. A coworker recommended hair mousse for getting it out. We'll see.

I think I'll try to do something touristy on Sunday. If all else fails I'm going to see the Benjamin Button movie at night, which just came out here, with a group of girls. We think ogling Brad Pitt is a fantastic way to end the weekend. Also, something about the movie being nominated for some award. :)

The commute: Right now I'm reading Animal Farm by George Orwell. I think I am the only person on Earth who hasn't read it. Going to 3 different high schools probably had something to do with that. I've read 3 of his other books though, all of which I adore to bits so it was time. I'm not sure how I feel about it, it's definitely not my favorite but I'm only 50 pages in. The satiric aspects remind me a great deal of what Voltaire was trying to do with Candide and L'Ingenue. I finished the Hemingway book and despite the slow start, it finished brilliantly. I disagreed vehemently with the reviews on Amazon, I think the readers only read the first half of the book because the character's aren't flat just because we don't get to read much of their internal dialogue. I think I'll give Hemingway another chance and buy some of his more famous works. I really enjoyed his prose.


Anonymous said...

After three winters of constant use it is not surpising the your coat is dying. Save the buttons

Josh said...

You mean there was a (classic) book that I have read that you did not read?!?!?! i am completely shocked

benjamin button is awesome by the way! so is slumdog millionare

Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

I made a typo in my last entry, so I had to fix it.

I have to admit, although it is on my list, I have yet to read Animal Farm. On the subject of curves remember Large is never really large and being a toothpick is not sexy. I took my first whipper yesterday and fell about 10 feet, but it was at the crux of a 5-9 and I was going for the clip.

Alex said...

Dad--good idea. I probably won't even thow out the coat until I move and then I'll snip them off.

Josh--I bet you've read Kurt Vonnegurt too and I've yet to read him.

Jess-I read your comment and was so intensely jealous of your fall. YES YOUR FALL. Because it meant you were climbing. So long as you have a good belayer, keep it up! (i assume it was rob, so duh good belayer) Have you seen the whippers they took in that Dosage video you got me?!....Yes, I brought it with me to Korea. And yes, I have been pining for rocks with Rock and Ice magazine for the past 2 months. And hidden my rock shoes in my room so I don't have to look at them.

Everyone: I LOVE COMMENTS. You rock my socks.

Nancy K said...

Hope you actually went dancing and had a good time.