Friday, February 13, 2009

My Day, Such as it Was

"Today I bought a small Frosty. This may not seem significant, but the fact is: I'm lactose intolerant. Purchasing a small Frosty, then, is no different than hiring someone to beat me. No different in essence." -Joe Wenderworth, from Letters to Wendy's

Today I ate a lot of Valentine's Day candy--loaded with milk chocolate, milk, and butter. I feel rather like Mr. Wenderworth in that sense. No more details needed. Fabulous book though, that Letters to Wendy's. Strange as anything though.

I was rather popular today as I gave fun Valentine's day related activities to do in class and passed out candy. Is it bad that I view hugs from my children as a peculiar form of torture? I simultaneously love them and am revolted by them since my mind converts their childish bodies to looming petri dishes of doom.

Not having enough iron is really starting to take a toll on my body, particularly since I forgot to eat protein heavy food for dinner last night and lunch today consisted of:
-sea weed soup
-rice cakes in sauce
-radish kimchi

Notice the peculiar lack of protein? My body does too. Note to self: coffee is not a substitute for iron.

I'm still a bit scattered. I was so angry and distracted on the bus home that I actually missed my bus stop, something I haven't done since September and had to walk home an extra few blocks. Not the end of the world but it certainly didn't help my mood. I have to work two Saturday's in a row for work, without overtime because it falls under the 'special activities' clause of my contract. In general, I don't mind working the occasional Saturday since they haven't abused that clause and a kid's graduation is important, even if it's only from kindergarten. However, the following Saturday we have to be there for 'orientation.' What do kindergartners need to be oriented for? Not to pick their nose? Good luck with that. They don't speak any English yet and neither do their parents so essentially they want us there to make the school look like a more authentic English academy. Couldn't they just put up big posters of us and say look, there are your teachers? That is all they are going to do in the meeting. We will end up sitting somewhere, on display, valued for our aesthetic qualities and pointed at occasionally. Needless to say, I will probably Not be allowed to read my book while on display. Joy. Why is this on a Saturday and not after work one night on a weekday? Saturday's are sacred. Sacred I tell you. Unless I am getting paid a nice bit of money and being fed, I'm completely uninterested in working on them. They are meant for sleeping. Afternoons are allowed to be minimally productive but the mornings must be petri dish free. The most taxing thing I tend to do on a Saturday morning is move my plant into the sun light. Occasionally, I venture out of the apartment before noon for takeout.

Speaking of books, I am completely obsessed with Kurt Vonnegut. I want to be a Bokonist! Why is it that the only religion I find truly appealing is a made up one in a satirical situation? This Saturday I will NOT BE ABLE TO GO TO THE BOOKSTORE TO RESTOCK MY NOVELS AND I AM DESPERATELY LOW ON ANYTHING TO READ THAT ISN'T POLITICAL THEORY. Neither will I be able to go next Saturday. None of my coworkers read. Well, this isn't entirely true. I have witnessed two commuter books in the hands of my coworkers: Chicken Soup for the Soul and the autobiography that Obama wrote. Both of which could be considered objectively interesting but it doesn't make me any more inclined to read them. This is probably a sign that I should get back to my political theory. The bibliophile in me protests and says that I must find some way to persuade myself to go to the bookstore on Sunday and buy every Vonnegut book they carry. Also, the rest of Orwell's books but unfortunately, English language bookstores only carry popular books or 'classical classics' and getting stuff delivered to my apartment is impossible and I hate getting packages at work. I can hear my parents now saying: "suck it up and order the darned books already" but this is my rant and and

I'm done.

Shortly, I will be going out to dinner with a friend that I haven't seen in awhile. We will binge on meat and soju and all will be well again.

OH! I have pictures of my leather jacket for you! None of my coworkers noticed it when I wore it during the freakishly warmer weather yesterday but I LOVED ROCKING IT. Definitely don't regret buying it.


Nancy K said...

buy some rust pills as your Dad calls them! Sorry that you have to work on Saturday, I guess today for you. You look great in the jacket. Enjoy it.

Josh said...

awesome jacket smidget! and i think you need more books...... glad you love KV