Monday, March 9, 2009

A cure...and apologies

I have many pictures and stories to tell from this weekend but the medicine the doctor gave me makes me sleepy and all I want to do right now is curl in bed and pass out.

In short:
When I went to the doctor on Saturday for a routine prescription, I also mentioned the fact that I keep getting sick. He asked me if I had gotten sick on such and such dates. It was like going to an oracle and having them not be a crack pot! Errr. Medicines make me silly? Sillier? Apparently, the yellow dust which blows in every year, more heavily around this time, is adversely affecting my respiratory system. Read: pollution from China blowing in makes my lungs go blergh. It will only get worse as March progresses! However, there is an easy fix, wear one of those face masks every time I go outside. Also, he gave me a lovely set of antihistamines for the next 10 days to give me some relief while my body works on cleaning out the gunk and not getting any more new gunk in (thank you dorky looking face mask). Now it looks like I'm ready for surgery! Only I'm going to work on 6 year old children and their English!

...There have been an obscene number of typos in this short post. Thank you spell check. More with pictures from the weekend...probably tomorrow.

Sleep is a wonderful thing. I went to bed at 7pm last night. Though I did wake up at 9pm for a brief bathroom break and to answer my phone for half an hour. Silly phone. Tonight I shall be better: I shall go to bed at 8:30. Oh antihistamines, why do you make me SO SLEEPY??????


Jessica said...

Well it is at least good that there is a reason for all the sickness. I hope you start feeling better. Actually Rob said something about it being the yellow dust the other day. He's a smart one even if he doesn't thinks so. Once you get better and are less sleepy, you post pictures, yes?

Josh said...

glad you found an answer to your illness....... i want to see a picture of you+dorky face mask.... don't really know why, i just do darn it!! (ok, it's probably because i'm a bit weird)

a number of people from my department go to china on a regular basis.... one poor woman gets sick EVERY time she goes..... pollution is a biznatch

Alex said...

awww smart Rob! How did he even know about yellow dust??

And yes Josh and Jess, pictures will be up soon and my Sunday adventure includes pics of me in a facemask. Because pollution is EVIL.

Jessica said...

He says your facebook status mentioned something about it recently. I think I shall send you a pic of my new ear piercings soon.

Josh said...

More blog posts please!