Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Il Jong and the Battle of the Jump Rope

No, not Kim Il Jong, Il Jong as in the first taekwondo movement routine thingy that I have to master in order to get my yellow belt (along with doing some other things). Il means one and let's be honest, I have no clue what jong means. It isn't that the moves are that hard so much as the fact that I'm bad at remembering combinations. Oh well, it shall get easier and I have a month to learn the 18 move combination.

Jump rope=the bane of my existence. I'm just bad at it. I'm okay with the skipping style you do as a kid but the two footed boxer style you do for taekwondo training is awful. If you show up early you are handed a jump rope. I can usually do a few in a row, tops 10, before it catches my toe or my pony tail. Then one of the black belts is like 'no, no, POINTED.' What on earth does this mean? How do you make a jump rope POINTED???? Salsa Boy has no idea either but practice makes perfect. Maybe one day I'll do it and he'll go, 'see, pointed!' Until then I have to deal with it knocking out my hair pins and making people laugh at me. I don't mind sucking at everything else but apparently jump rope is something all little kids do here.

Expect a decreased blog quantity output for the next bit. Taekwondo makes me sleepy as anything and I come home pretty sore and ready for bed instead of ready to type my heart out.

I feel like I'm not ready for China. I mean, I have drawn up possible itineraries for several days as well as a couple of day trips I would like to take but usually by now I have a daily budget figured out as well as every traditional cuisine that I want to try. Perhaps I don't need to have such a tight budget as I did when I was in Europe when I tried to stretch every Euro but it's confusing. I still think in dollars when converting other currencies but I'm paid (and do budgets) in won. A friend of mine was baffled that I was only spending my time in Beijing but it's a huge city with a lot of stuff I want to see. I don't want to stress myself out trying to see a billion cities. I need time to unwind and get ready for another semester. I will not stress over this. This shall be my mantra...


Josh said...

swing rope faster with hands closer to body..... should make rope swing in a tighter parabola (i.e.- pointier)..... they could also be talking about your midget feet pointing downwards more but I doubt it. Enjoy Beijing, I hear the Silk Market is like the Flea market of the gods in high-rise form..... bring your facemask too.... all i got to see was the airport and the THICK smog everywhere, when you are flying into Beijing you can't even see the ground (or anything else) until like 30 seconds before the plane touches down.

Alex said...

Dear Josh,
I LOVE YOU! Your brilliance is amazing.
Alex, The Soon to Be Jump Rope Afficianado

Rachel said...

Being tired physically at the end of the day is a good thing. Helps you sleep better.

Josh said...

Muahahaha! Glad to be of service oh mighty attack midget! Good luck on zee jumping rope.


Josh, The REALLY sore/tired/worn out new home owner