Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Miffed and My Very First...

I am frequently miffed by the fact that my favorite blogs do not update everyday. I am addicted to reading them, shouldn't they be feeding my addiction? (Since obviously, the world revolves around me. :-p) Of course, then it occurred to me that my friends/family from back home are constantly bugging me to update more often so I suppose it's karma.

Last night I went to my very first dog birthday party. That's right: dog birthday. My friend V. has a very cute little dog (that she got 2 years ago) when she moved to Korea. His name is Gimchi and yesterday he turned 2. The party was mainly an excuse for us expats to play with her dog, eat food and gossip but there was also a doggie cake and special treats for Gimchi. I maintain that I want a dog in Korea but there is no way it would be fair to the dog, given that I live in a small apartment and can't come home for lunch walk breaks. Not to mention the whole nomadic lifestyle bit. In the mean time I will continue to pine for Nicky, who is at home and will always be my puppy, despite the fact that he is 17.

Tomorrow I go to the first meeting of the Jamsil Book Club in Seoul. I'm almost as excited as I was for my first piece of homework in college but not quite. Book clubs don't quite require color coded notes and oodles of Post It notes the way that Plato did. I'm worried about being too "Sarah Lawrence"...too bookish for the group. I'm used to intense seminar style discussions with involved and often intricate debates. I can't stand sentences that are horribly constructed or points that are not based in well thought out logic, analysis or textual example. I'm going to have to relax, bite my tongue and enjoy the ride.

I thought I bought enough books to get me through the next 2 weeks but I'll be lucky if I make it through this weekend. Thank God one of them is in French and should last me for more than a day. Sometimes I think my brain just decides it needs to drink words more than oxygen or something.

And now that I have updated I can go back to bemoaning the fact that my favorite blogs need to update more.


Anonymous said...

Alex- i can only speak for my self, but bloggers need time to update their blogs, and as we all know, "time takes time"


What Ghosts?

Anonymous said...

Today (7/8/09) at 34 min and 56 sec past noon (12:34:56), the time and date together will be 123456789.
cool - eh?

Rachel said...

So, how did the book club go? Are you going back? Did it meet your expectations?

When you haven't posted for a few days, and I need something to read, I sometimes read a blog from one of the ones you are following. Don't know the people, but typically find them interesting.

Alex said...

Aunt Rachel-The book club was okay. Not fabulous but I will consider going back.

I read those blogs compulsively! I'm glad someone else is enjoying them too!