Monday, August 17, 2009

I will eventually finish blogging about China...but not in this post.

One day soon, I may actually reach the end of my posts about Beijing. Can you imagine if I was in China for longer than a week?! One of the best things about springing for the 8gig memory card is that I didn't have to edit my pictures all week, I could just snap photos until I got the shot I wanted and worry about deleting them later. Okay, so this is the Temple of Heaven park. To be perfectly honest, I spent most of the day exploring the Summer Palace and didn't spend as much time here as I would have liked. I was just too exhausted.Back in the day, this long covered pavilion used to have lots of functions but lately it seems to get used most by elderly Chinese people playing card games, singing, or just hanging out.
See, lots of people playing card games. I wonder if they are playing for money...An absolutely refreshing thing about China: every 8 year old didn't have a cell phone. It was awesome. Errr, so look at the middle aged man using a cell phone!
Look up man and take in that pretty ceiling! But where is the park you say? Don't parks usually have trees????So the park part of the park was not that interesting. Rows of trees upon rows of trees. However, the air quality was magnificent and I greatly enjoyed all of that oxygen.
Dear China,
Please keep planting more trees.
See the middle white path? This is only for the emperor. Every time I see tourists on it I either think, "Bolshevik!" (...which in China should really be something like MAO FOREVER) or "delusions of grandeur much?" It's not a big deal anymore but it feels a little strange to tread on ground that for years was reserved for a single person.
See all of those tourists on the middle strip? Dead, totally dead...if they'd lived a few hundred years ago.
Pretty dome. Though I must say, the decorative motifs start repeat themselves after you've seen a few temples.And voila! I think one more blog entry on China should wrap it up and then I shall get back to my life in Korea! If you haven't taken the time to vote on my poll (right side of the page) click away please! It only takes a minute and I'm really curious as to what everyone thinks.


Nancy K said...

Gorgeous! Yeah, they need to plant some more trees and stop clear cutting.

Alex said...

Very true.

Josh said...

methinks that is not the only environmentally-minded thing China needs to work harder on..... maybe like reducing the ridiculous amounts of pollution being produced there at any given second

Alex said...

Well yes, but I was being a bit flip. :-p

snowmon said...

lol@ 8 year olds with cellphone comment xD Ya they should be playing with toys in sandbox