Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm a bad blogger!

Usually I manage to post a couple of times a week but I must say, I don't love picture posts. They aren't fun for me to do though the finished product looks cool. I like writing much better. Yesterday I accomplished something big (for me): I walked into what the book and came out within the number of books I said I could get! One new book, Kafka on the Shore by Murakami, and a used book, The Pauper and the Prince by Mark Twain. More on books later, for now, yet MORE picture of my adventure in China!

The Summer Palace
To escape the heat in the summer of the Forbidden City, the royal court removed to the Summer Palace. It was the only day I saw a truly blue sky in China and it was beautiful. The summer palace was burned down by Allied Forces in World War 2 but the Chinese government managed to stabilize the building and then spent a fortune restoring it before the Beijing Olympics. They did a really fantastic job on the restoration, making sure everything was how it was before the fire. Beijing understands how to make an international tourist site: proper signage in MULTIPLE LANGUAGES! That is my main beef with all of the beautiful things to see in Korea, lots of signs but only in Korean.My first view of the must have gotten blue later in the day because this sky, not exactly smog free.The area around the moat has been converted into small shops and restaurants. I ate some very yummy, reasonably priced lunch here. Have you seen Kung Fun Panda? Know those buns he is always chasing after to eat? That's what I had. Very yummy.
Look, look! I exist! I didn't just pull these photos from a google image search!Cool detail of the side of a wall. Hello Buddha!
A cool view from the top of a spire from another building peeking out. I like the contrast between ancient temple and the modern city that you can see in the background.A cool pavilion thingy.
The ceiling on the inside. Look at that detail!The lake! See those awesome big yellow roofed boats? I WENT ON ONE! It cost about a dollar and was a lovely respite from the heat/sun.View from the lake!

Our boat!

Honesty: I have about 60 more photos from this day, a good 10 of which would probably be killer for the blog but I'm hungry and want to go out to eat since as usual, there is next to no food in my apartment. Why cook for myself when it is CHEAPER TO EAT OUT?! Also...far superior in terms of tastiness.


Nancy K said...

I am enjoying your pictorial travelogue. You look very cute in our blue dress

Alex said...

Mom, I'm glad someone is enjoying the pictorial travelogue. I may need to take a break and write a real entry before I finish up the trip though.

Rachel said...

Alex, you are not a bad blogger. You are just a busy person with lots of interests. I love your pictures, and I love your writing. Both give me different view of where you are at in your travels and life.

When will you decide what you are doing next? Has your survey of your readers helped? I saw the movie Ponyo yesterday with Adam and was thinking about if you would end up in Japan.

Alex said...

I'm staying in Korea for at least another 6 months to a year and then maybe Japan or Taiwan. Though I am studying for the GREs and we'll see on that front. The survey of the readers is more for fun than anything, I finally figured out how to do one and I was curious about what everyone thought.

Thanks for making me feel like less of a bad blogger!!!