Thursday, September 3, 2009

Buh buh buh BLOGGING!

So there has been a quiz night going on at the new expat bar in Beomgye, Happidus. I went once and decided not to go again, not because it isn't fun, but I really need to be in bed by 11:30 on a school night, not coming home at 12. So I made my usual excuses and declined to go to this weeks. However, I was walking home from taekwondo and realized, I AM NOT EMPLOYED AND CAN GO OUT ON A WEEK NIGHT IF I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a lovely realization. So instead of going home and cleaning my apartment, I took a shower, threw on some clothes and went out. I had a blast. I met new expats, played darts (I only lost by 7 points in some sort of freak accident. Obviously my team partner was a much, much better player than I am. I did manage to hit the dart board though. Mostly.), played with the bar dog (Dodo!), and just talked to people. The only downside? This conversation:

Me: Oooo popcorn! ~Proceeds to eat a handful~ Uh, oh. Could this sweet popcorn have butter on it?
Korean sitting at my table: No! Of course not, Koreans don't put butter in their food!
Me: Well, not in Korean food no, but they put it in western food (ahem and ORANGE JUICE, but I didn't say that) and this is popcorn...
Korean: No, there is no butter in that!
Me: Are you sure?
Korean: Positive, no butter on that. Why would there even be butter??
Me: Okay! ~Eats a couple bowls of it over the course of the evening.

Fast forward to early this morning....I was sick for a few hours from the "butterless" popcorn. Grrrrrrr. This is delaying my museum plans as I really do not want to get on the subway until I am sure my stomach won't rebel.

Plans for the day/weekend:
Friday: Go to the National Museum of Korea, doctors appointment (UGH but sooooooooooo much cheaper here, hello effective government subsidized health care), taekwondo, and a party. What party? My party! Salsa Boy and I are throwing a "flaming dr pepper" party (yes, on our roof, not inside). I had never heard of or seen a flaming dr pepper shot (which ironically, does not involve any dr pepper but coca cola) until Korea but Salsa Boy used to throw big parties and knows how it's done. I leave it up to him. My job is to make sure people are having a good time and such. I'm excited.

Saturday: Sleep off the party. Lay in bed. Watch a movie. Go out to lunch/brunch/meal at some point. Go to a roof top barbecue/party in the evening.

Sunday: Dubu brunch/lunch with friends in Sanbon! Dubu is Korean for 'tofu' and you have not had tofu until you've been to a dubu house in Korea. Eat until it hurts and then EAT SOME MORE. This shall probably be followed by a nap. You know you've been in Korea for far too long when lunch and dinner food becomes acceptable breakfast food. I'd like to say that I'm going to do something touristy but the farthest I'm going to get from home is a restaurant, or maybe a movie theater.

Pictures for sure at one point this weekend, probably Sunday if I remember to get on Salsa Boy's computer. Mine needs some minor repairs that I'm going to deal with in the States. I don't trust my Korean enough to try it from a PC bang computer.

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