Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Life is Overflowing with Activity!

So I should have blogged everyday for the past 4 days since I definitely have enough to write about. Unfortunately for you the reader and me the obsessive writer I haven't had time to write! Sometimes I write on the subway in order to be more time effective but the new Pynchon novel, Inherent Vice, sucked me in and then I decided I just had to start with Gravity's Rainbow and you see where my subway time went. It got eaten by ENORMOUS BOOKS. I am flying for NY tomorrow and am not sure when I will recover enough from jet lag to actually write. My estimate is about 3 days, we shall see. So here is a recap:

-A checkup at the dentist cost me 3,000won. About $2.50. I am not even joking. A special treatment they recommended will set me back a grand total of 40,000 won, about 30-35 bucks. I love Korean health care. A lot. The dentist actually apologized to me that it cost so much but I'm a foreigner and don't have dental coverage. So instead of being free, it's ridiculously cheap. Amazing.
-Salsa Boy and I threw an Flaming Dr Pepper party. We didn't burn anything but the drinks and it was an outstanding success. There shall, one day possibly be a video of exactly what a flaming Dr Pepper party entails.
-I have spent an obscene amount of time out for 'one last drink' with friends who I might not see for years since they are leaving while I am gone. Also drinks with people not entirely convinced that I'm coming back.
-Monday night I went to the shooting of the 'Korean equivalent of American Idol,' I'm not sure what it's actually called. They want to make it look more popular and foreign so if you were white and showed up by 8 you got 3 free drinks of whatever you wanted. Was pretty fun. Made me very happy I didn't have to work Tuesday morning.
-Had an amazing lunch date yesterday in Itaewon at Le Saint ex with my friend Melissa. We were at a grown up restaurant and couldn't help remarking that we felt like the characters in Sex and the City, meeting up for a swank lunch date...Minus the having to go back to work part.
-Salsa Boy is cooking me a goodbye dinner, arroz con pollo, Puerto rican style.
-I landed funny during jumping exercises in Taekwondo class and screwed up my ankles again. My Korean doctor scolded me. I am supposed to avoid walking (whatever) and NO TAEKWONDO FOR AT LEAST A MONTH. Convenient timing but it still sucks. Acupuncture and I are new best friends. Costs a big 7 bucks.

This is the worst blog entry ever. Ugh. I swear there shall be more normalized writing, once I stop running 20 million errands a day.

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