Sunday, September 20, 2009

Food Heaven

Today I was utterly spoiled with food. My Mom heard me get up and immediately left her studio and went downstairs to put pancake batter on the griddle. Not to mention the fact that she heated the Vermont maple syrup to be drizzled over them or the freshly brewed cup of excellent (locally roasted) coffee. After a leisurely breakfast of reading the New York Times and then watching Obama on health care we ran some errands. I finally got super adhesive glue (there is not 1 but 4 aisles devoted to scrapbooking at JoAnns, the local craft store) and some cool border thingies for my scrapbook. The scrapbook itself is more of a multimedia journal project but whatever, it looks cool. I have patience for about 2 pages at a time and then I usually give up and go read or play with Nicky. Of course since Nicky is a 17 year old dog 'playing' mainly consists of me petting him for as long as he'll put up with me.

On the way home from errands, we went out to Mexican food at this little hole in the wall taco place. Unlike "Mexican" places in Korea the staff is all Mexican, there are Spanish speaking people who eat there, actual cilantro and limes are used, and there are Spanish newspapers for the patrons. Then a freakish, freakish thing occurred:
Me: This taco, it's okay but it tastes kind of bland.
Mom: Well, add some hot sauce.
Me: But I don't do hot sauce.
Mom: ~Shrugs~ Well, they have Cholula and it's my favorite.
Me: ~Tries some Cholula~ This is much better but it's not really spicy.

Then I tried the HOT hot sauce and liked it. As my brother commented in an online chat later that day: "Where is my sister and what did you do with her?!!" Apparently, eating kimchi everyday has increased my tolerance for spicy food. Who would have thought I would one day eat spicy food and enjoy it?

For dinner my Mom prepared keenwah (no idea how to spell that whatsoever), an Israeli corn salad, freshly steamed string beans and turkey (with freshly made gravy of course). We split the leftover chocolate cake from Rosh Hashanah for dessert. Amazing. Going for a year without seeing my parents is hard but having my food preferences fawned over is most definitely not. I am being ruthlessly spoiled and my mouth is loving every minute of it.

Random errand highlight: I am now the proud owner of my VERY OWN COSTCO CARD which means I shall never be without cheerios, American Oreos or bacon again in Korea. Amazing.


Josh said...

such a good jew you are...... hmmmmmm bacon ~drools~..... and it is spelled quinoa... YES! i knew something word-related that the short one didn't!

Alex said...

I'm not omnipotent!