Saturday, September 19, 2009

Scrapbooking on hold...

I went and bought an A4 size black sketchbook to scrapbook in. I'm not much for the fancy papers and such, I kind of just like the idea of gluing things in and writing about it. They are more for me than anyone else. However, my glue stick isn't actually holding anything down.

Me: Dad I think I need stronger glue.
Mom: Why, what are you using?
Me: A glue stick.
Dad: That should work. How old is it?
Me: I don't know, I stole it from Mom.
Mom: ...Possibly quite old, I stole it from you while you were gone.
Me: Maybe they make special scrap book making glue!
Parents: ~looks sceptic~

In any case, Mom and I are going to go to JoAnns tomorrow and raid their scrapbooking aisles. Mozilla keeps telling me that scrapbooking isn't a word though google search gets 18,800,000 hits for it-- without a spelling suggestion thingy popping up.

Today I also did $140 damage to my savings. To be fair, it was all things I had planned to buy: tank tops from the Gap (SUPER ON SALE, 4 bucks a pop) and more sports bras for taekwondo. I did get a lot of bang for my buck though. Everything was so marked down that it was just as cheap as getting it in Korea (if what I wanted was available in Korea). I also had a 40 minute video Skype chat with Salsa Boy which greatly improved my mood. Not to mention a slice of AMAZING CHOCOLATE CAKE that my mom made.

Chocolate cake solves all ills ...except possibly obesity.


Josh said...

you are a funny one!!! I went to an ALL gluten free restaurant today!!!! unfriggin believable...... chocolate cake too! and BEER! DARK BEER!!!! AAAAHHHHHH, It was like heaven

Alex said...

Sounds Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

salsa boy said...

to solve the ill of obesity... see salsa boy!

Alex said...

Mr Salsa Boy I'm not entirely sure what you mean by that but you aren't obese.