Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wanted Ads for Life

Earlier this evening my Mom pointed out to me that I really didn't need to reorganize my library for the millionth time, what I need is a hobby. It's true that I'm going out of my mind a little bit just reading and writing. I have an obscene amount of energy physical activity makes me happy. Given my ankles, this is obviously a problem.

So I did what any other person my age would do: I got on google and searched for hobbies. There were 102,000,000 results. Hobbies seem to have 3 categories: sports, arts and collections. Sports are a no go for the time being, collecting doesn't actually entertain me (and given my mobile lifestyle it's not really practical either), and I hate doing most arts and crafts given my inability to sit still. Learning a language was on there but attempting to make Korean stick in my brain is on break while I'm in the states. I might start a scrapbook though given that I have shoe box upon shoe box of letters, pictures, post cards, ticket stubs, and assorted other memorabilia waiting for me to do something. I have the sneaking suspicion this is going to end with my newly cleaned and organized desk as a disaster zone. I don't know. I'm dying to go to the Kandinsky retrospective with my Mom at the Guggenheim (which just got a stunning review from the New York Times) or the Georgia O'Keefe abstractionist exhibition at the Whitney but since standing for an hour is agony the probability of me going soon seems to be slim. I think I'm going to attack myself with ace bandages and ibuprofen for the Kandinsky. They are bringing over work from this museum in Munich that I've never seen (as well as from the Pompidou C enter) and I bet they will have a good translation of his essays on color in the bookstore... [My resolve not to buy books does not extend to such extenuatingly tempting circumstances as an artist's retrospective at the Guggenheim. What bibliophile/art maniac could resist?!]

How does a person pick a hobby when it doesn't come naturally?


Rachel S said...

I have been having the same questions regarding picking a hobby when there are too many choices and too few that really interest me. I am so so at crafts, with a few exceptions.

One of my few hobbies is doing ridiculously hard (and unfortunately expensive) jigsaw puzzles. I always loved puzzles, someone gave me one as a gift and now I get about 1 a year. Usually buy off of e-bay but typically get out bid. 4-weeks later puzzle is done, and then still nothing to do.

I keep thinking about taking up piano again, but unless I take lessons, it wouldn't be that fulfilling.

So, I don't have an answer, just the same question.

Nancy K said...

You could take up your violin again.
You can sit while you play too.
The scrapbooking thing is very popular now, so that at least will keep you occupied for a bit.

Alex said...

I'm almost frightened of picking up my violin though I should try.

The scrap booking seems like fun and inexpensive. I just bought a big sketch book type thing, nothing kitsch. I suppose I could get fancy papers and such but I have more fun gluing things down and writing about them.

Try googling hobbies. I did some research last night. Most do seem to be craft or sports oriented but there were some interesting oddball suggestions.

Josh said...