Friday, September 18, 2009

This is me in boring mode...

I don't do anything in NY. I live an hour and a half from the city and tend to spend most of my time alternating between replenishing my book stock at the library and rotating which comfy chair I sit in at home to read the books. I check my email somewhat compulsively. I spent a day and a half in Boston visiting a college friend in which I drank a lot of lattes, wandered Newbury street before my ankles gave out and went to a movie. (9 was awful. It had great visuals and almost no plot. Take it out on DVD if you are a die hard fan or something.)

Today I ran around on errands for my Mother who is preparing a Rosh Hashanah dinner for 6. I managed to find a new store without my GPS and without making a single wrong turn, huzzah! I also recycled a bag full of old notebooks in an effort to declutter my bookshelves (and of course make room for the ever growing number of books in my life). My notes from college were so ridiculously meticulous and color coded. It almost felt sacriligious to throw them out but really, do I need to keep my discrete mathematics notebook from freshman year? Absolutely not. I will admit that I couldn't bring myself to recycle any literature or political science books or papers. However, I now remember why I never (or rather, rarely) slept in college and yet was continuously convinced that I did not work quite hard enough.

I love being with my parents, they are fabulous. However, there are only so many hours I can sit still. I hate that I'm not allowed to do any physical activity at the moment (did I blog about this? I screwed up my ankles again). Maybe I'll reorganize my library again. Last time was according to the Dewey Decimal system. Any suggestions?

My life in NY is far too boring for a blog.
Dear Police Department,
Please send me my criminal background check already so I can GO BACK TO KOREA.

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