Friday, October 16, 2009

Life life life

Let it never be said that my mother doesn't know her daughter. The other day I was seriously glum and moping around the house. I mean full out, still in the pajamas, hair sticking up-- a post coffee ingestion wallow. I have had lots of job offers but upon reading the contract, discover they are not half as good as they originally sounded. Luckily, I have more interviews lined up for this week but still. I miss Salsa Boy, I miss my friends, I miss living in a city and not having to drive everywhere, I miss my budget and so on and so forth ad nauseum.

Anyways, sometime in the afternoon my mother demanded I get up and put on some clothes so that we could go to Borders Books and make use of her $5 off coupon. (Yes, yes indie bookstores are better and I use them when they exist but my part of the Island has a Borders.) I got comfort books, absolutely lacking in literary merit, historical value or educational content. What books you ask, the next two Sookie Stackhouse books in that vampire series that the HBO show True Blood is based on. Sometimes a girl just needs something mindless to read. I am in the middle of about 8 different 'good' books that I've started since I've been home and sort of abandoned and lost interest in. The less active I am physically the less brain power I seem to have. Anyways, point being is that my Mom definitely cheered me up. Not only were the books $5 off, it was a buy one, get one 50% off on the series AND an additional 20% off because we have the Border's reward card thingy. Sales also cheer me up.

In other words, I continue to go insane from lack of activity. I have friends and things to do in the city but it's so expensive to get there! Maybe I'll go swimming at the Y or something. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to swim though. Swimming is supposed to be the best activity for rehabbing joints since it puts so little strain on them but my doctor told me to try to minimize my walking/standing and I'm not sure how swimming fits on the scale. I could always try it out and see how much pain I'm in afterward. Trial and error my friends!


FredL. said...

Instead of moping around the house dong nothing, you could take a tour of all of your relatives' homes.

Rachel S said...

Swimming would be a good exercise because your ankle / foot is totally supported by the water. It is a good way to get aerobic activity and it is why it is used so much for therapy. Do most of the work with your arms.

If you are still around in a couple of weeks, convince LRK to send you a plane ticket so you can come for the baby shower. You can stay with us if no other relative rooms are available, and there is a direct flight from Laguardia. Our house is the only relative house with gluten, so you may want to stay with us anyways!

Alex said...

I might have to do that Aunt Rachel! My Mom just came into my room to agree with you that swimming would be a great idea. Good thing I brought home my bathing suit!

Josh said...

YES ask good ole LRK for a plain ticket!!!!!