Monday, October 19, 2009

Granny Time!

This might be offensive to my geriatric readers but here it goes:

Last October, I gave you the historical rants from my family about Halloween. Whatever, I need an excuse to go into NYC and have a blast.

There is just one eensy weensy problem with that. My ankles are not party friendly yet.

This year I shall be The Granny. It's a fabulous excuse to rock a cane! I'm thinking stretched out ugly sweater, floral leggings, hot pink lipstick, badly applied blush and baby powder white hair. I can clash, be frumpy, eccentric all in the name of my costume! I'm a fan. Kind of the opposite of the sexy looks most people in their 20s seem to go for but far more practical. Not to mention it involves very little money to make.

Unless of course, you dear reader, have another gimpy compatible costume?


Josh said...

YES!!! DO IT!!! Great idea, ask Sarah about good "wrinkles" as she dressed up that way recently. dont forget to pull your pants up WAY to high

elizabeth said...

what about a one of those horrible wind suits old women always wear!? they are hideous!! and AWESOME.

Alex said...

Ooooooooooooo wind suits!!!!!! That IS a good idea. I never understood why people wore those when not working out, I mean nylon/polyester isn't exactly comfortable.